Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


2. Chapter 2

When Harry woke he remembered everything from the previous world and his meeting with Death he also felt like ripping his friends limb from limb for their betrayals especially Dumbledore the manipulative old coot.

Harry stood and conjured a mirror and gaped at what he saw in the reflection, he was still 5ft 3 so extremely small for a fourteen year old he knew he would only grow to be 5ft 4 so still small for his age group, his hair was darker than a shadow and fell to his shoulder blades, his skin was as pale as freshly fallen snow, his eyes resembled the colour of the killing curse and his pupils reptilian slits, his malnourishment had been completely reversed, he was lightly muscled but still lithe, he had no baby fat, high cheekbones, plump blood red lips, small button nose, his jaw was strong and his ears slightly pointed, all in all Harry looked inhumanly beautiful. He felt his magic thrumming under his skin and some playfully dancing around him which was a perfect mix of light, grey and dark magic, he felt his dementor ability just waiting to be used.

Harry heard his aunt calling for him and the smile he gave himself was nothing short of demonic as he waved his hand to get rid of the mirror and make his way down to the kitchen where his aunt was waiting, he revealed in the shriek the woman released which caused his uncle and cousin to come running and freeze upon seeing him

"Now that you are all here. I will be leaving, if anyone comes looking you will say that you sent me to a summer camp for the summer" Harry said

"And if we don't?" Vernon asked defiantly so Harry let his ice manipulation cause an icicle on the ground and flames to lick along his skin, turns out he was a true elemental in his last world and could control the main elements and six less known elements

"Alright just go" Vernon said as he paled rapidly Harry collected and shrunk his trunk and told Hedwig he would meet her in Diagon Alley before he spun on his heal and apperated to the Alley.

Harry's first stop was Gringotts where a number of goblins froze seeing him before he found himself surround by a guard detail of goblins who were leading him to the Bank Manager Ragnok

"My Lord" Ragnok said with a deep bow Harry was confused until he remembered Death mentioning he was the creature Lord Harry smiled at the goblin and gave his request soon he was giving some blood for a hereditary test

Name: Hadrian James Potter

Father: James Charlus Potter

Mother: Lily Anne Rose Potter nee Evans

Blood Adoption: Sirius Orion Black








Slytherin by rite of conquest




Harry was slightly shocked when he finished reading the parchment but placed the rings on his fingers as they appeared accepting the Rings made him a legal adult in both worlds. Harry thanked Ragnok before visiting the Potter trust vault to lift out some money to do some much needed shopping, in his pocket were the shrunk folders of his assets.

Walking out of the Bank Hedwig swooped down and landed on his shoulder it was also when Harry noticed the changes to his owl she was now black with hints of purples and no longer an owl but a dark Phoenix though her eyes remained Amber

"I love the changes girl" Harry said before he began his shopping getting an entirely new wardrobe before heading to the trunk store where he purchased a six compartment trunk, one compartment for his normal school supplies, one a wardrobe, one a potions lab, one a modern kitchen, one an armoury and the last was for anything of questionable origins. The trunk was emerald green in colour with silver clasps in the shape of snakes his trunk was also password protected the password was in parseltongue.

When Harry completed his shopping he decided to visit Knockturn Alley since he was actually the owner of the Alley. He made his way to a bar which catered mostly to vampires at night and it would be quite active since it was getting late he walked in and everyone in the bar froze

"It not often a boy enters here a human boy to boot" a female vampire behind the bar said with a smirk

"Well I'm not just a boy" Harry said as he felt someone approach him from behind he spun around and threw the vampire to the ground before taking his soul. The vampire was an ancient over two thousand years old with quite a few handy gifts, you could have heard a pin drop in the bar as Harry stood feeling a ring attach to his finger he looked to see the Gamp Lord ring from the corpse of the vampire Nemsis Gamp

"What are you?" A young vampire asked sounding frightened

"Me I'm the Creature Lord and part dementor" Harry said with a devilish grin on his face which made every occupant of the bar shudder before they hastily bowed for at last the Lord has come.

Harry strolled over to the bar and ordered a fire whiskey. The vampires were walking around on eggshells around him it was amusing, he went to pay for his drink but he was told he didn't need to pay not in Knockturn.

The day had set out the course of Harry's summer until his Hogwarts letter came he got what he needed before he decided to go to one of his properties of which there were many, he picked Potter Manor and to his shock found a portrait of his parents he talked to them for hours and explained his plans which they agreed with after hearing his reasons for his decisions they also made him promise that he would call on them throughout the year just to talk which Harry agreed to instantly it would be nice to talk to his parents even if they were just ghosts. Harry spent the remainder of summer in Potter Manor talking with his ancestors and Sirius and Remus who he invited to stay with their both also agreed with his plans claiming that they would stick by him through anything which had made Harry smile.

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