Doing It Right

After dying at the hands of the muggles Harry vowed to revenge and revenge is easy to accomplish when one is favoured by Death


1. Chapter 1

Harry James Potter the least of the magical race lay dying in a cave at the generous age of 230, the cave had been his home for the last 100 years. As he lay dying he lay contemplating his life and the choices he made regarding himself and surprisingly Voldemort.

As was expected of him he had killed Voldemort and went on to join the Aurors becoming head Auror five years into his service which had been the quickest time in recorded history, he then married Ginny and had three children James, Albus and his beautiful Lily but as they grew he realised that he did not love Ginny in fact he couldn't remember even liking her when they were younger other than the love of a sibling he distinctively remembered that he had liked men proof being his crush on the sixteen year old version of Tom Riddle from the diary.

He remembered when everything went wrong he was 40 when it happened, the muggles had found out about them it really should have been expected though with the magical worlds refusal to catch up with the times and remain in the past, at first the muggles were amazed by the prospect of magic then they began to become jealous that they had no magic before finally fear settled in and it started a new war the war between magical beings and muggles and for once the magical community was working together no magic was discriminated against, old an lost magics were learnt and they fought with vigour.

And although they fought with everything they had the muggles had an advantage, the muggles had their weaponry and their chemicals. Within fifty years the magical population was cut in half Harry's little Lily was one of the first of his family to go.

By the time Harry was 190 he was one of a few magicals left he had lived in his cave which was warded so well that only he could find it even the muggles couldn't remember there was a cave in that particular mountain it kept Harry safe.

The world was destroyed and now as Harry lay dying the last of the magical race though he knew the muggles would be dead soon enough after all the planet was destroyed, the skies a poisonus green because of toxic, chemical and neuclear warfare, rain was toxic and acidic, nothing grew as the soil was poisoned, animals were dying out many of them extinct, the air filled with harmful toxins that kill slowly, there were no sources of fresh water, seas and oceans were blackened, Harry was saddened that it had happened he could feel the magic in the world slowly dying out but some of it latched onto him that is also how he had survived for as long as he had.

As Harry was drawing his final breaths he thought about what he would have changed if he was younger again he knew he would have helped Voldemort however he did think the mans methods were a bit extreme and unorthodox, he swore to himself he would get revenge somehow he just didn't know how that would be possible as of yet. With a final shuddering breath Harry's eyes fell closed as he embrace death as an old friend like he had done when he was but a teenager.

What Harry didn't expect was to wake up again, nor to wake in a well furnished office being stared at by a being completely cloaked in black however the skeletal hand holding a scythe told Harry exactly who was staring at him and to Harry's shock Death swept into a graceful bow

"My Master, I am Death your most faithful servant" Death said in a voice that was neither make nor female and Harry grimaced

"I am no ones Master" Harry said as he began to sit up Death chuckled which probably would have sent many running in fear but made Harry feel safe which had Harry thinking that he had finally lost his sanity

"Ah but you died the Master of the Deathly Hallows did you not?" Death asked and Harry got the distinct feeling that the entity was amused about something

"Yes" Harry said hesitantly

"Then you are my Master, you see the story was true well mostly the Hallows actually choose who is worthy of the title you now hold so that it goes to the most worthy. I would normally say no take backs but I suppose I could give you some options to choose from I guess" Death said

"Options?" Harry asked and Death nodded

"Yes options, three to be exact you can either pass onto the afterlife and join your loved ones, you can join me and travel wherever you wish or you can go back to one point of your previous life and live whatever way you wish, you will of course still have the title of Master of Death and after your majority you will not die or age, if you get bored there you will still be able to travel wherever you wish through the multiple universes" Death explained

"If I were to chose option three would there be any changes that I should know about?" Harry asked and to him Death seemed pleased with the question

"Yes actually. You would be a necromancer the first in many hundreds of years, you will also be the Creature Lord all creatures will listen to you, you can fully control the creatures I created such as inferi, zombies, dementors, vampires, ghosts, poltergeists lots of things really. Upon reaching your majority you will stop ageing, you will remember everything if this life and a few things I have added such as betrayals that you did not know about, the magic of the world you just left latched onto you and your core will be added to your core in the time you chose to go to, you will be more powerful than the founders and Merlin combined. The killing curse will bounce of you or you can absorb it if you so wish, you will not be bound by any laws or boundaries so anything that you want your magic to do will happen the only limit is your imagination. Your appearance will change slightly. Also if you chose option three I wish to impart a gift to you" Death explained and Harry was shocked that was a lot of differences

"What sort of gift?" Harry asked curiously

"I wish to give to you the ability of the dementors, however pantroni will not effect you in any way, neither will the dementors. When you take a soul you will receive the knowledge of the person or being as well as any abilities they may have such as telepathy or inhuman strength etc. I would suggest going for a few vampires they have the best knowledge and gifts I know you would appreciate that" Death told his gaping Master knowing exactly what option he would chose as he knew the man had sworn to himself

"If you don't mind I would like to chose option three" Harry said with a small smile

"Of course where would you like to be placed?" Death asked

"The beginning of the summer before fourth year if you don't mind" Harry said

"Not at all, now the ministry trace has been removed from you so you can do magic without the ministry knowing and just remember you can call on me at any point" Death said before Harry felt darkness once again creep up on him.

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