Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Don't hold it agenst us...


2. Night One

As I hear the squeaking of the gears in the elevator pulling me into the depths below, I question myself. Why did I do this? Why did I let my son die? Why did I kill Sammy and a bunch or other kids? Why? He probably thought I was a monster, a horrible father, my daughter... I warned her, 'Don't go near her, she's Dangerous...' But...


"Hello and welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza! Please enter you name on this keypad."

Alright then...

As I mutter to myself 'W-i-l-l-i-a-m A-f-t-o-n...' William Afton, yeah, that's my name after all.

"Thank you, now please press the red, obvious button to continue..."

"I kept my promise" I whispered to myself, tears went down my cheeks "I will put you back together". As a clenched a fist and whacked the button. The double, rusted doors open, I'm shown to 'Caution' tape being everywhere... No surprise.

There was a vent, big enough to fit one of the robotic suits. It was the only way in, I knew if I didn't do this. My son would be gone forever and I won't be able to give life.

I wedged myself into the vent and crawled into the main area with two big glass windows.

"Welcome to the Main Lobby, where nightly, you will check if all the animatronics are on there stages. To get the night kicking. Lets check up on Ballora, see how she's doing."

As I glimpsed at a switched, it had two buttons, one was a light bulb, representing light. The other one was a lightning bolt, meaning electric shock.


"Ballora helps children get fit and active and eat pizza! Press the light bulb button to inspect her stage!"

"I guess theres nothing else to do right now..." William said

'Click' 'BRRRRRRRR!'

"Oh no! It seems that Ballora isn't on her stage! Lets transmit a electric shock to get her motivated again."

"Torture? Lets do this shit!"



"Well done! It seems that Ballora is back to her old happy self! Lets check on Funtime Foxy, see what She's up to. Funtime Foxy helps kids share and teaches them how to cooperate and play! Lets check on her, see what she's up to!"


"She's not there, bloody hell! Die bitch!"



"Great! Everyone is back at their spots, but first, we must check up on Baby auditorium! Go through this vent to continue!"


"Lets do this..."

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