1. chapter~ intro


chapter 1; october 12

cold; adjective

adjective: cold; comparative adjective: colder; superlative adjective: coldest

of or at a low or relatively low temperature, especially when compared with the human body.



Cold is exactly what it was where i was going. About half an hour West of Seattle is a small hidden town called Cedar Falls. Cedar Falls is the kind of town where everyone knows everyone and if you don't get out fast you’re gonna be stuck there for the rest of your life. 

Cedar Falls is where my grandparents live and where my dad grew up.

Thankfully my dad was one of the fortunate people who were able to get out of the town. He went to college in California where he met my mom, who is by the way white which makes me light skinned. You can imagine why it might be uncomfortable going to a small town of white people and being the only black family there, but that doesn't matter. What matters is i have to spend the next year in the small town known as Cedar Falls. Not only was I going to spend a year with my grandparents but my twin brother Reed as well. Reed has light brown curly hair and hazel eyes with olive skin, like me in that case, but one thing we don’t have in common is i’m 5.6” and he’s at least 6” ft which means he’s basically a chick magnet. 

My family is very musically talented, well every one but me. I managed to be the only athletic person in my family. My brother plays drums and guitar and sings, My mother plays the piano and sings, my dad played the piano and the trumpet, and i play soccer. It’s not that i didn’t try to be musically talented like the rest of my family, i mean yeah i can play the piano and kinda sing but definitely not as good as the rest of my family.  Recently my family hasn’t been like it was, three years ago my father died. I don't know exactly how he died I think a car accident. My mom thought it would be best not for us to look into it that much since nothing was going to bring him back. Yeah it still hurts not as bad though, my mom started dating this guy, Terry. He’s nice and all and i think my mom likes him because he reminds her of dad. Terry is black like dad and plays the piano like dad. They got married and are going off on a honey moon and when they get back they are getting settled in Seattle which is why my mom thinks it would best for my brother and i to spend a year with my grandparents also the fact that we haven’t seen my dads parents since the funeral and we need to spend some quality time with them and here i sit in the car listening to my music with my earbuds in sitting in the back seat with my brother watching the green pine trees go by while the sun shines through the icy clouds trying to figure out how to summarize that when the kids at school ask about me tomorrow.







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