two days

She wins a competition, that changes her life.


1. intro // the characters


Harry Styles:  Harry is a big popstar. He's living on the top music playlists. His life seems like a paradise, but in reality it isn't. Harry suffers from a depression. He's been in treatment for 3 years, but it hasn't helped him at all...


Lily Collins: 17 year-old Lily, is what you would call a 'fighter'. She has a fierce attitude, and gives a s*** what people thinks of her.


Niall Horan: Niall is one of Harry's bestfriends. He's having a blast as a popstar. He owns a big mansion in West Hollywood. He mingels in topmodels, like Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. He's what you would call 'a ladies man'.


Louis Tomlinson: Louis' having a rough time. His bestfriend is pregnant, with his child. And in reality Louis doesn't want to have a child yet. He thinks it's too soon, and he's not even in love with the mother of his child. Louis believe in real love.


Liam Payne: Everything's going really great for Liam at the moment. He's dating the singer Cheryl Cole. She's a bit older, but that doesn't bother Liam at all.


Ashley Benson: Ashley is one of Lily's bestfriends. They met at a concert, 4 years ago. At the moment she's filming the final season of 'Pretty Little Liars'.


Adelaine Kane: Adelaine is also one of Lily's bestfriends. They met at a awardshow, where they started talking, and never stopped since. Right now Adelaine is filming a new season to the tv-show 'Reign' were she plays one of the main characters.


Lena Collins: Lena is Lily's mother. She is very caring, and also a little bit overprotective. She works at the local hospital, as a nurse.


Aidan Collins: Aidan is Lily's father. He works at a art gallery. Sometimes he can be a bit strict, but in the end he's okay.


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