It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


9. Maybe this happened for a reason

​Draco's Pov

I don't know why but seeing Hermione tear up while telling her story made me want to scoop her up in my arms and protect her from the world. I looked up and I saw her silently crying. I was never good at showing sympathy, but I'd always had a weak spot for crying women. I tried to think of something to say to make her feel better and racked.my brain for every sappy greeting card quote but nothing seemed right, but when our eyes met I knew exactly what to say " Hermione you don't need the weasel King or pott head your much smarter than both of them combined, and I know I'm the last person you expect to hear this from but people change people and ya know what..." she looked up at me eyes expectant " what?" I looked at her and smirked "maybe this happened for a reason"

​An: It's ending 😢... BUT don't worry because when this one ends I'll start a new one so yay!!!! Also if you follow me I'll follow you back and I also wanna give a shout out to *drum roll* @Dumbledore's daughter, @echolover16 , @rowenaravenclaw love you guys and thanks so much for the sweet comments luv y'all 😍 - Nikiz

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