It's almost Christmas so why nit write a Dramione fanfic about MISTLETOE!!!! hints the name btw I don't own any of the characters so please n copy right��


8. I'm sorry Granger

​Flash Back

​I was walking through the crowded hallway as fast as I could so that I finish up my packing for the Christmas break. This year for some strange reason Dumbledore said everyone had to go home, not that I'm complaining because now I'm going to the burrow for Christmas and spending some alone time with my boyfriend Ron. As I was lost in thought thinking about what I needed to pack so I didn't even realize I had reached the portrait hole until the fat lady screeched at me "PASSWORD!!!!!" I quickly gathered by thoughts and said the password "mistletoe" I said smiling a little, maybe me and Ron would find ourselves under some mistletoe 😈. I quickly entered the common room and placed my scarf on the table in the corner ( this is important remember this ) and walked up the stairs to my dorm I really needed to hurry up and pack since we would be leaving the next day...

​I looked at the youngest Weasley that was sitting on my bed then back to my suit case " okay I have shoes, shirts, socks,underwear,and... OH I've left my scarf on the table in the common room I'll have to go get it. I said walking towards the door. Ginny smiled and me and laughed " well I'm going to sleep because I know you wont be back untill you've finished your snog session with my brother" I laughed as my face reddened" oh whatever" I said leaving the room as I walked down the stairs. I heard two people talking "Don't worry about it Won Won good girl Hermione is always asleep before curfew" there was a pause then I heard the familiar voice of my boyfriend " I know I know I just don't want to hurt Hermione" I stepped further into the room so I could see both of them Lavender pouted and tried to make herself look cute but failed miserably "cant you see that by not hurting Hermione you're hurting me" Ron sighed " alright one kiss and then I'll break up with Hermione after Christmas break." Lavender squealed and clapped her hands " and then we can be together for real" she said leaning forward and kissing my boyfriend suddenly I felt anger that I never felt before. I stepped out of my hiding spot and looked at the couple in front of me, I cleared my throat and came into the room "well I guess this means I don't have to get a present for you anymore" I said sarcastically I walked out the room nut really sure where I was going suddenly heard footsteps behind me and I knew it was Ron. He grabbed my wrist and spun me around " Mione its not what it looks like" I pulled my arm away and looked at him, " really because it looked like my supposed boyfriend was shoving his tongue down another girls throat!" I said tears threatening to spill down my face. " No on likes a cheater Ron" I said as I left.

​* End Flashback *

​Hermione's. Pov

I don't know why I told Malfoy all of that but part of me was glad that I did. The other part if me was expecting him to laugh at me and tease me but he didn't. I turned to look at him only to find him looking at me intently. And all he said was " Wow I'm sorry Granger"." and it kinda sounded like he meant it.

​An: Okay I couldn't think of a way to make this like really good so I hope you like it btw I did not edit this so any grammar or spelling mistakes please ignore, and lastly Please Follow me,alright that's all luv y'all 😍

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