My journey

Alex Hardin is 17. She has a wonderful life until she finds out she was kidnapped at as 2. She leaves home, now afraid of her 'parents'. When she finds her family, will they believe her or will her trip be wasted? Find out in 'my journey'

Co-author: Paytonhemmings

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Chapter one: the office

It's been 2 days since my parents left for the airport, 1 day since I went into dads clean office, and 10 hours since I found out that the people I called my parents, aren't even related to me....

Hi. I'm Alex Hardin and I'm 17 years old. My hair is brown with blonde tips and I have blue eyes. I like one direction, 5sos, and 21 pilots. My favorite colors are purple and black. Now where was I.... oh, yes!

I let my maid, Emma, leave for the day and I'm just sitting on my purple bed, thinking about the papers that are speed out in front of me. One read: Alex Hemmings is kidnapped in 2001 at age 2. She has brown hair and blue eyes. -shows picture- Call ********** if you have any information. Another had a legal name change in it.... Alex Hardin. The third was in my "dads" writing and had every piece of information about me and who I used to be. I read each on over and over, trying to figure out what kind of monsters I've been living with my entire life. No wonder I wasn't allowed in that office.

• 2 hours later •

I awoke to my phone buzzing violently. It was my "mom" calling. I answered and tried to play cool...

A: Hi. Why'd you call?

M: Emma told me you sent her home? Why?

A: I wanted to be alone that's all

M: alright sweetheart.

A: okay. Bye.

M: bye

I ended the call and let out a breathed I'd been holding. I decided to call my bff Alayna. She answered on the 2nd ring.

Her: hey gurllllll

Me: alayna... I need you to come over here now

Her: why?

Me: well, let's just say, my so called parents kidnapped me and my real family is in Australia.

Her: this better not be a fucking joke, Alex

Me: it's not.

Her: I'm on my way.

Hi guys!new chapters will be out at least once a week unless I get grounded or something. Hope you're enjoying it so far!!!!

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