My journey

Alex Hardin is 17. She has a wonderful life until she finds out she was kidnapped at as 2. She leaves home, now afraid of her 'parents'. When she finds her family, will they believe her or will her trip be wasted? Find out in 'my journey'

Co-author: Paytonhemmings

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2. the plan

Chapter 2: the plan

Aexs pov


“So you're telling me, that your parents actually kidnapped you? And you need my help because?” Alayna says rubbing her temple.

“Yes! And i need you to help me get on the plane, find my family, and get settled with them.” i get up off my bed and look at the papers from where Alayna is standing. Her green eyes are focused on one sheet; the one that has my information.

“I have a plan.” she finally decides.

“What?” i ask, maybe a little too excited.

“Well, you said your parents don't come home until friday and it's wednesday. So if we get on a plane tonight, we’ll be  there by tomorrow evening. Right?” she explains. I nod my head as she paces around the room. “Then, once we’re there, we can find the house, convince them you’re their daughter, and then i'll come home on saturday and say i was camping with you but you were eaten by a bear!” she finishes

“Why the fuck would you say i was eaten by a fucking bear?” i ask with sass. She laughs really hard.

“Otherwise everyone will think you ran away or something and then we’ll have a funeral and then i’ll say i need to get away and then i'll move to Australia with you and it'll all be okay!” she yells.

“First of all, SHUSH! Second of all, why would you need to have a funeral for me? Just stay in Australia.” i tell her. She looks at me kindly.

“My family is here, Alex. Ill go when the time is right.” Alayna says softly.

“Oh…” i say.

“Yea… i better be going! To pack my stuff and all.” she exits the room by waving at me and when i hear the door shut downstairs, i start packing.




“Toothbrush? Check. 5 shirts? Check. 5 pairs of pants? Check. Brush, lady stuff, and shower stuff? Check. Socks, underwear, bras? Check. Alayna? Check.” i mentally check off everything we’ll need.

“Are you 100% sure we have EVERYTHING?” Alayna worries.

“Yes. I've been through this 1000 times.” i exaggerate. Alayna puts her hand on her hip.

“No need for sass, missy.” she scolds

“One cannot just stop being the sass master.” i say, quoting a meme. We look at each other and burst out laughing.


To be continued...



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