Thieves codex

To prove she is a true firstborn, and blood heir to the thieves throne, Merilda must collect three objekts. But this complicates by the charming boy, whom is probably more dangerous than any of the things, the mystery of a false king, and thives from her rival clan trying to assassinate her. All while, the clock is ticking, course she only got three moons to collect the objekts..... Fail, and she shall forsake all rights, names, codes.... her life, even....


1. Kap. 1

His love was like a storm- powerful, passionate, quickly over…


Leading. Like all the other dreams I have had lately, this was all about leading. The other thieves from my clan, looking up at me with hate. As was forbidden, they didn't do the sign to show their respect for me. Time stood still. I think it was snowing, the snowflakes burning on my cold, cold skin. But the only thing I saw, was their eyes. They seemed to look right through me, through all the blood, pain, anger, and to truly see me. I never know what it is I have done, I just always have this feeling that I have broken the codex. I'm falling apart, weighed down by their stares. Suddenly I feel this horrific pain, and I look down at my hands. Everything is red. My hands are smeared with blood, dripping down in the white snow. I feel and urging pain from where my heart should have been, and suddenly I fear to look at my breast, because I already know what will be there. It is strange. In these dreams, I am one, and I am two. I know it is a dream. I can see it all, recognise it from earlier nightmares. But still I am trapped in the dream, feeling its familiarity wrap me up. Its reality, and it's a dream. It is as my heart is hatched in two, the fearful part and the knowing. And even though I know what I'll see, even though every part that is my body, is telling me to wake up, look away, I just can't. The dream has its toll on me, and I am bound to follow it. I look down towards where my heart should be, and see a mess of red, dripping blood. I froze in terror, time stands still. And then it doesn’t. Somehow the snow has become meters deep, burying me in the innocence I have so forsaken.  I looked at the others, and saw Blazu holding my bleeding heart, with an angry, almost furyous smile plastered to his face. The snow swells up, in a rapid race that none can follow. I try to say something, anything, but the only thing that comes out of my mouth is blood. Blood pouring over the whiteness that has almost covered me, blood that poisons the white innocence. Blood, that…….


It was a dream. I knew it then, and I know it now that I am awake. My heart is barely pounding. Usually after a nightmare, I will wake up, covered in sweat, feeling my heart pound. But my body is ice cold, my heart a slow reminding that I have woken up. I lay completely still, listening to the familiar sound of voices. Familiar, and then not. Why is there so much noise? I listen harder, concentrating on a known voice.


“ with this now. Tomorrow I will see to that It is done, but I can’t cheat Merilda for the right that is hers…”


Father. Why is he….


And then I bolted awake, my mind suddenly all too aware. It was to be today. Of course, how could I forget? The three objects that will change my life… soon to be revealed. But why have they not woken me? If the traditions is not followed, the ritual will be deemed unworthy, and I will have to wait another year. Not that I will mind. Just the sheer thought of what is going to happen makes me shiver. I sit up in my bed, putting on my usual brown blouse, together with my leather pants and long boots. My hair is messy, but I do nothing to tame it, except from making an ponytale. I take my little dagger (being a thief from when you were born, does make you a bit paranoid). Then I slowly walk towards the tents opening, on feets that should be shaken and nervous, but instead moves with an elegance that few have. That is one more thing of being a thief. you learn how to move quickly, elegant, and foremost, without a noise. As I flip the tents opening away, my eyes becomes a blur of white, and for a moment, I feel blind. Not a nice feeling when you in my “job” relies on your senses. But it is only for a second, and then I see a dark figure looming over me. Blazu. I feel a moment of terror, remembering the dream, and I quickly cover up my fear with a smile.


“On the way to get me?” I ask, a bit smug.


“Or was it the rum? Let me just think”


Blazu puts up an hard thinking face, and seem to consider the most important of stuff.


“No. Definitely the rum”


He smiles, and then his face becomes serious.


“Are you ready?”


I suddenly feel bad for him. He has always been the born leader, and there is nothing he would love more than to be in my position. I could never explain to him why being the leader of our clan is the last thing I want to be. That our clan is (for now) the head of all thief clans, doesn’t put me under less pressure. So, for him, and probably also for myself, I put up a bright smile. He can see right through it, but it doesn’t matter. We can pretend together.


“I have never been more ready” I answer, which at the very least, is true.


“Then let’s bring the princess to her crowning!” He exclaims, taking hold of my hand, and dragging me towards the place where the ceremony shall take place. There is few times when all the clans come together, friends and foes alike, but the ceremony of a new leader for a clan, is one of them. I have never understood why somebody who wants to murder me, has to be there at the most important time of my life. As Blazu drags me through the crowd, a pair of bright green eyes strike me. They sit in the most perfect face mankind has ever seen, with long eyelashes and short black hair. And I know by the special eyes, almost the color of emerald, that he is deadly. Dangerous. Wrong. He is a Mendarien, our worst enemies. Our rival clan. His eyes are calculating, and he sends a charming smile, which for me is almost the same as holding a war sign over his head. I can't help it. It is how I am raised. Mendarien equals blood. I feel unsafe, but reminds myself that he, that his kind can’t do anything here. It is one of the three rules that every thief has to follow.


Never shall there be blood when in a rightly gathering


If the clan broke the codex, they would not be accepted as thieves anymore. They would be forced to forsake their name, status, and their code of honor. And as my father always says: A thief without a code of honor, is nothing but dust in the wind, something weak and forgotten.


The words strengthen me, makes me strong enough to let go of Blazu’s hand, and step onto the platform. Hundreds of thieves looks up at me, some of them with joy, others with a cold face, sayng nothing and everything. I look towards my father, who is the only person except from me, who are standing on the platform.

He shows no emotion, cause that is the rules. But I can see, that deep inside, he hopes. Hopes that his first born child, only daughter, will make this one thing right. He begins the long tale, words that has to be spoken to every time a new leader is tested. I know the words outside and in, as all the others does. But it is words that has, and will be, forever. It feels like a lifetime, but finally he comes to the exciting part.


“Merilda firstborn, of the clan Pendragon. To show your right as firstborn, and settle your place, the gods has asked you to bring these three gifts”


You can feel the crowd is tense, no sound or a quiet laughter. Just...silence.


“Camatios sacred power source, crimson red. The paper of treason. The sword and blood of your worst enemy and greatest joy. You will have three moons, and then we shall gather again, festering the new leader of the Pendragon clan, or forsake a fake claim as firstborn”


The last words sends a chill down my spine. And just like that, it is over. Somebody begins to play the flute, and suddenly everybody is dancing. Blazu ask me to dance, and I accept. And while we swirl amongst others, I can’t help but look up at the son, and think that in three moons from now, my life will either just have started… or never have the chance to start at all..




It only took me two weeks to crack the first riddle, and get the first objekt. A crimson ring, said to contain blood magic from the great sorcerer, Camatio. I had it, and then somebody took it, setting me in a chase. When I finally got the person trapped in a dead end, the person cursed, and turned around. And I was back at the ceremony, the green emeralds staring right at me.


In his hand was a golden  ring, with an ruby attached to it, its crimson red color glittering like new painted blood. I have no choice, he gives me no choice. I need that ring, to prove to the gods that I am the blood heir to the thief's throne, a firstborn. I immediately begins to attack him, with all my best moves. Soon I lay over him, with a knife to his throat.


“Don’t you think it’s sad?”

His voice… Why does it make my knees soft? I quickly hardened, making my appearance seem as I would wish it to be. Strong, dominating and a leader foremost.

“Your death? Not particularly”

And that smile. That smile really piss me off, I am holding a knife to his throat and he just smiles!

“My death is indeed a highly unfortunate thing, but that is not the case today. Tomorrow maybe, even though i don’t hope too much. Personally i think this world would be just that little less fun, just that little less colorful without me. But no, that is not the sad thing. The sad thing is that i, no matter how much i try, just can’t seem to kill this old habit of mine”

“And what’s that?” I sneer, cutting him of,  almost before his words are out.

“To let beautiful girls win”

Before I even could let the words sink in, he somehow manage to  get the knife from my hand, and now stands hovering over me, ever so cheerful.

“So shall we call it a tie?” he ask, dropping the knife and stretching out his hand to help me to my feet. Without wanting it, I suddenly become all warm inside. But still, I get to my feet without his help.

“I guess there is no way i can make you give me that ring?” I tries, with a voice that (danm it!) is beginning to soften.

“Sorry, i need it for my own purpose”

“Am i just supposed to walk away, without my knife nor the ring?”

“Well, you could always give me a kiss”

I don’t  blush, or blink. I simply walk up to him, and give him a little kiss on the cheek. He gives a word of surprise, and then I was gone. And so was the ring, he would found out later. As I run deep into the woods, I just can’t help a smile of my face. He is dangerous, I remind myself, but it doesn’t matter how many times I say it, I still smile at the memory of him. And when the Pendragons gather around for a feast, to celebrate my first objekt, I look up to the moon, which is half, and smile.

Love… Forbidden love, I think, and even though I never has been a romantic, the thought sends a warm glow and a shiver inside....

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