Carry On My Wayward Son 6

Jess Winchester, and the Winchester brothers go up against dragons. Will they loose another fight? Will Castiel have to help again?


3. Really?

"What's with the scratches on the dashboard?" Dean asked me. "JW?"
  "Jess Winchester," I answered. "I mean I have to have some claim over it."
  "You changed you're name?" Sam asked me. 
  "Yeah," I answered. 
  "When?" Dean asked. 
  "When you kicked me out of the bunker, that's the first thing I did. That costed a lot of that thousand dollars you gave me. So I kind of had to go to one of the bars, in Missouri, and bet my way out of that one," I said. "Then I used a knife, and did that." 
  "Why?" Dean asked. 
  "I couldn't think of my mother anymore," I answered honestly. "I wanted to forget... So I changed my last name to yours." 
   "Well that makes some sense I guess," Sam said. 
   "Yeah it makes sense," Dean whispered. "Sam take her truck, and meet us at the motel."
   "Okay," Sam said. Dean grabbed my hand and we walked to his car. I felt the headache coming back again. I tried ignoring it, so I opened the door, and felt my way in. Making sure my feet were clear of the door, and then I shut it. 
   "You good?" Dean asked. I nodded, and pressed my hand on the soft leather underneath of me. My other hand was on the door. 
   "If I helped Castiel, couldn't I heal myself?" I asked. 
   "Cas," his voice seemed to drift off. "Umm... maybe..." I had this feeling. The way he talked about Castiel, the way he called him even though sometimes Castiel never answered. What was his feelings towards the angel? I gripped the door next to me as pain coursed through me. 
   "Okay then," I smiled. "You okay?" 
  "Whatever is okay in our world," he said. "Okay lets go."

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