Carry On My Wayward Son 6

Jess Winchester, and the Winchester brothers go up against dragons. Will they loose another fight? Will Castiel have to help again?


4. Dean's Plan

We were all meeting in the motel room. His plan was crazy, and how stupid could this plan be. I mean putting me in danger like that. Especially when I'm blind. 
  "Why do I have to be bait?" I complained. "Why can't Sammy be bait?" 
  "No one calls me Sammy except for him," Sam snapped. "You know what never mind. I now give you permission to call me Sammy." 
  "Whoa, seriously?" Dean asked. 
  "He said that out of pity," I whispered to myself.
  "That makes sense," Bobby said. "Okay idgits, let's get this going. We don't got all night!" We headed out to the alley near the place where I was blinded. 

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