Carry On My Wayward Son 6

Jess Winchester, and the Winchester brothers go up against dragons. Will they loose another fight? Will Castiel have to help again?


2. Bat In the Daytime

"Jess!" Dean yelled, and I felt him next to me. 
   "Whoa," I groaned. "Not again..." That's when this noise passed over me. 
  "Ouch, my head," I heard Sam groan from inside the car. I stood, and kind of stumbled over my own feet. I felt Dean's hand on my back to steady me. I smiled, and pressed myself against the side of the truck. 
  "Dragons," Dean said. "They're dragons." 
  "What?" I asked. "Dragon's are real?" 
  "Dean, a little help over here?" Sam asked. I felt Dean leave, and kind of slumped against the truck.  
 "I think I can deal with this," I said as I stood straight up. I stepped out, and tried to feel for the curve where the tire was. I headed around the truck to where Sam was. 
   "She can't see it can she?" I could hear Sam whisper. 
  "No, but before we tell her, I'll fix it," Dean whispered back.
 "Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I'm deaf," I whispered mocking them. Dean shifted his weight, and Sam got out of the truck. 
 "Yeah, he kind of ruined your truck. I mean the inside is all burnt, and not to mention the door frames," Dean said. "We'll get her fixed up." 

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