Queen of the damned

Crowley never really got along with his mother. And after he became a demon well, let's just say they never spoke. So when Rowena died and left a mystical urn containing the soul of his biological twin sister. -that died at the young age of 15- Crowley will have to find some compassion in the black pit he calls a heart, to build a life for his sister.


1. Don't call me Fergus

Chapter 1

Don't call me Fergus

Crowley has never been a selfless person. I wouldn't even go so far as to say he was a nice person. So when he welcomed me with open arms to stay at his "house", I knew he was getting something of it.

*A friendly jingle began to ring* The king of hell's door bell is definitely less scary than it should be.

After a few rings he finally answered the door.

"What" he says abruptly.

"Package for Fergus McLeod." The man said with disinterest in his voice.

Crowley snatches the box out of the man's hands. He carefully analyzes it right before saying.

"I didn't order anything." He says shoving the box back in his hands.

"Look dude, I'm just doing my job. Sign here and I won't bother you anymore"

He quickly signs his name and once again snatches the box.

"Oh and don't ever call me Fergus ever again"

The man mutters ok under his breath.

"Actually, I change my mind. You won't ever get the chance to" Crowley says before making a slight hand gesture.

The man falls to his knees with his head practically making a full 360 degrees turn.

Crowley pivots on one foot and slams the door shut behind him.

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