Disturbia {C.H} ~IN EDITING~

You and Calum have all the same classes but never talk...You and Michael are best friends but you always kinda liked Calum. Michael was really good friends with you and him...But one day he ends up talking to you ;) And things get a little rowdy.


1. Starting School.




"Ughhh!" I yell waking up to an alarm


"Fucking bullshit!...At least I will have Mikey...I guess?"


I roll out of bed putting on a Blink-182 shirt, balck ripped jeans, and black converse.


My phone dings and read "Mikey😛"


Mikey: Hey Arie, school starts up again ☹️...


Me: Jeez Mike, don't need to be reminded! fuck..


Mikey: Haha..Sorry Arielle. Hey btw I actually cam to ask do you need a ride to school??


Me: Yeah, I am NOT taking the fucking bus the first day of school.


Mikey: K I will be over in 25 minutes.


After Mikey I texted I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and hair


My doorbell rang


"Hey Mikey!!" I said happily


"Hey Arie, you ready?" He asked


"Yup...BYE MUM!" I yell


It took about fifteen minutes to get to school


"Well we're here" Mikey said annoyed


"Grrrrreeeeaaatttt" I said sarcastically


Me and Mikey are the same if you can't tell already 


The bell rings for us to get in the school


"Hey, let me see your schedule" Mikey said


I showed him it


"Do we have any classes?" I ask


"Yup! All of em'"He stated


The second bell rang after 10 more minutes of the first


 "1st block math" Mikey said


"Now school won't be so bad now that I know I have all my classes with you haha" I say giggling





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