Dark Love

Love is unpredictable and dangerous, just like Tom's day job. How does love always conquer, no matter what the situation? Follow Tom, Cara and Matt on their rollercoaster of a life and see where love, trust and loyalty takes them!


1. The beginning

Tom's P.o.v

The jet black walls of my room allowed the somber mood sink around me, I discarded a sigh as I reluctantly opened my eyes. Shifting to a more comfortable position, my eyes travelled to watch Cara who was curled next to me. The empty walls became the paper to my thoughts, each and every thought spinning around my head. Outside, it was all the same indicating the earlyness of my waking, Cara was fast asleep, her face moving slightly as she slept. My girlfriend stayed here practically all week, only returning a few nights to her home to see her family. Cara had been my girlfriend for around 4 months now however none of our friends knew at all, there is one reason for that, and that is because her safety came first. My occupation besides being an average student wasnt the most glorious job... street fighting and reclaiming lost land for someone with higher authority was not the most favourable nowadays. I ran with a few other close friends but the less details Cara knew the better. I didnt want Cara to get caught up in the crossfire, ever. I slowly sat up, sleep was relentless tonight, so many thoughts rushing around my head so I decided to check my phone for any messages. the tiny blue light that notifies me off any notifications, flashed spreading the light across the room lightly.

2 new messages

One from Joe and another from Ben, Ben was like the queen bee. I ignored Ben's message because it was just the same night after night

`Great fight, Another tomorrow'

however it was rare that I received a text from Joe. I tapped the message on my phone and read

'Some serious trouble is going down, watch your back and look out for it.'

I shook my head at his concern, he always looked out for me; I was new to the group but I was already respected due to my daily habits of street fighting. That was the only secret that Cara didn't know about me and I wasn't going to tell her anytime soon, she already knew enough about me and the gang as it was. I was their main fighter and I worked hard to keep up my reputation, every day I ruined other people, forcing them to collapse to the unforgiving ground unconscious. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it but I did enjoy the fame that came with it, noone dared to mess with me. I lied quietly back down next to Cara as I shut my eyes and drifted off to sleep. Next morning was an early start for me, the bright sun shone through the curtains, dimly lighting my small bedroom. grumpy was the wrong word for me in the mornings... I am not a mornings person putting it lightly. However, Cara loved the mornings, always cheery and smiling, must be because she woke up next to me.

"Can we go back to sleep? Do you reckon college would notice?" I grumbled sitting on the edge of my bed watching Cara flitting between the bathroom and grabbing things from her bag. She turned around after checking herself over in my mirror as she replied, smoothing out her clothes "Hurry up" I rolled my eyes, grabbing a grey shirt from my already ajar drawer, pulled it on and walked in to the bathroom.

"I barely recognise my bathroom anymore" I looked around at all the makeup products and the hair products that were scattered around. Picking up my hairbrush, I quickly ran it through my dirty blonde hair, adding in some gel and then styling it. A light snort beside me made me smile as I turned to see the door with Cara leaning against it. Her light mocha hair cascaded down her back and a few stray strands fell over her shoulder, she crossed her arms as she raised an eyebrow at me. Shooting her a cheeky grin, I began brushing my teeth and then brushed past Cara to grab my bag.

"What are you so cheery about? its a monday morning! Aren't you meant to be grumpy?" shaking my head I snatched the keys off the counter.

"What like you!" she smirked as I just glared at her

"Well that wasn't my answer, But." I started but she covered my mouth with her hand.

"Shut up and lock up, otherwise we will be late." Cara instructed gestured for me to walk ahead of her out the front door.

"Ooh we wouldnt want itlle Cara to have one late mark on her report now would we?" I scrunched my face up, flicking the lights off before I realised Cara hadn't moved. The glare resonated off her, the challenge flickering in her eyes. A smile crossed my face as I turned to leave the house with impressive speed.

"Tom! You forgot to lock the house!" Cara called just as I made it over the threshold, turning I chucked the keys to her and sprinted in the direction of school. As I neared, the aging building came in to view, I turned to see where Cara had got to although I was surprised when she ran beside me.

"Ah, er." I stuttered in shock, my eyes wide and my jaw slack.

"Here are your keys." Cara dropped them to the ground. I gasped in shock as they landed on the drain and just settled. Cara giggled as she carried on walking as I gently picked up my house keys that could've gone down the drain... Literally. I shook my head as I caught up with her. She took one look at me before I shoved her away, losing her balance she attempted to grab on to me. Cara caught on to my arm like a suction pad pulling me down with her, we landed on the floor with me hovering above Cara. I had managed to cushion my fall by putting my hands down quick enough. We burst out laughing as Cara groaned scrunching her face in pain, I stood upright before I pulled her up until she was on her feet again. Cara leant against me, my arm wrapped around her shoulders whilst we walked until Joe saw us,

"Well, you two look pretty comfortable!" Joe shouted smirking. We instantly pulled away from each other, my arm dropping by my side like I had been stung. Cara knew the game, it was for her safety and she knew it. Joe was my best friend, my manager and a fellow fighter, the only person to know about our relationship.

Author's note: this is one of my favorite books that I have written so if you would like and comment and tell me what you think thank you, next update should be as soon as possible :)

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