Lone Oak

Lone Oak, a northeastern town in New England USA with a lot of stories to tell. Nobody could have imagined any truth was behind them.


2. It Rises

The town of Lone Oak is nestled in amongst the mountainous pine forests of the northeastern part of the United States. Lone Oak thrives due to the Lone Oak state forest as well as beautiful downtown and views. The state forest brings in many bikers, campers, backpackers and various other tourists that inevitably are drawn in by the towns gas lamp lit streets, excellent food and shops. Two brothers, Kyle and Allan are certainly no exception to being drawn in by the wonders of the town.

Kyle and Allan sat eating well deserved meals after a long but fun day of hiking in the forest. They chose to eat at the Lone Oak Tavern, a tavern that has been serving locals and travelers for hundreds of years. “Man you are so missing out on this kielbasa and potato stew. So good!” Allan, with a pained look painted on his face said “Kyle, you have had that same stew three days in a row now that’s so gross.”  Kyle, shrugging and shoving his face with another spoonful of stew spat out “suit yourself.”

Allan, stirring his clam chowder and starring out the window said “this place is truly beautiful. I am so glad dad found this little gem of a place when we were kids. Even here from this window the way the moon filters through the tall pines on the other side of the lake is just gorgeous. And the way the gas lamps light the streets. I can only imagine dads face when he rolled into this gem of a place.” Kyle sat back in his chair and said “yeah he did find quite a place. New England is full of so many amazing places but this one definitely takes first place.”

After finishing the delicious and hardy meals eaten at the Lone Oak Tavern Kyle and Allan began walking back to the truck. This was a forest green1998 Jeep Cherokee that belonged to Allan. It might be an old, high miles truck but oh did he take care of it. Allan said “lucky we thought to pick up some rum and soda earlier, we need to get back to camp asap because we will wake everyone up rolling in late at night.” Allan started the Jeep and it let loose its oh so familiar deep rumble Allan knew so well as it idled in the parking space.

Back at camp Kyle and Allan sat back relaxing around the fire in some cozy chairs with some nice rum and sodas. Allan began talking about how much he loved the pure, unfiltered beauty of Lone Oak and how he would someday like to own a small photography shop in a town just like this one. Kyle sees the woods as a playground. A place to ride his bike and push his body for a good challenge. Naturally this spurred disagreement between the two. Kyle said “All I’m saying is that if you got into computer graphics like me you would make a lot more money, get a job at a big corporation.” Allan rubbed his head and said “Kyle we have been over this so many times, its not about the money its about doing something I love. I love photography.” Kyle was ready to start the same argument they have had so many times over when the presence of a strange man stopped all conversation.

The fire is all that lit the camp, at first all the brothers could hear from the road was the sound of boots walking on gravel. Slowly, a figure dressed in black emerged from the road. Standing just inside the bright ring of light emitted by the campfire a strange tall man wearing a large black hat, leather trench coat and black boots stood. Nothing could be seen beneath the large hat but the brothers could feel eyes on them. While Kyle reached for the kerosene lantern Allan said “Uh- hello there, can we help you?” The strange man chuckled a little, pointed his finger towards the unlit lantern and said “need a light?” The wick of the lantern glowed blue for only a fraction of a second and then vanished as the lantern lit.

The strange, tall man walked back out of the circle of light but then stopped. He turned and said “Tread carefully in the night, you never know whats lurking in the shadows.” The man smiled, his bright white teeth shinning and then disappeared into the night. After a long pause, Allan said “How the hell did he do that?” Kyle replied “Well it is October and the Lone Oak fall fair is about to begin. Probably nothing more than some nut trying to make a name for himself. Not to worry bro, just a trick of light and shadows.” Allan, still starring into the darkness said softly “well, it sure did get my attention.”

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