Between Hell and Heaven

What happens if you only have 7 days to decide if you want to go to hell or heaven? if demons, angel and reapers are fighting, for your soul? And if you fall in love with who seems to be the bad guy?


3. Wings

“Yes of course!”

He opens the door as a sign for me to walk in. I start walking. I see the bed with my mom in it.


“Mom!” I whisper.


Seeing her like this, makes a teardrop fall from my eye. I sit down on the chair beside her. I lean my head on the bed, next to her arm.


I don’t know how much time i spend on just laying beside her but it was nice.


“Maya, times up sweetheart” I hear the nurse say

“No, it’s ok. Just let her be. I’ll find a bed for her” The man and the nurse walked out leaving me here.


I must have fallen asleep, because i don’t remember more.


I spend the next day just sitting beside her, not saying a word. Right now i’m doing the same.


“Mother and daughter time?” I hear a male voice say.


I jump up and turn around to

a un-human creature, standing behind me.



The creature grabbed me and covered my mouth.

“I wouldn’t do that!”

I kick out with my legs, trying to scream, but he is too strong. I stop struggling.

“Are you done?”

I nod.


He lets go. I back off a little.

“Who and what are you?!”

“The names Diaval, and i’m a demon”

Explains a lot. He has big black wing, and horns. He is wearing i smoking. He’s kinda cute actually.

“What is going on here?”

Another creature arrives in the room. This time it seems to be an angel.

“Is he bothering you dear?”

I shake my head ‘no’.

That made Diaval smirk.

“Well well well, isn’t it the one and only Latis? I guess i can’t be all that bad, now can i?”

“Oh stop with the flattening, Diaval”

“So its working huh?” Diaval teased

“Will you two please stop?”

A tall figure appears. He’s wearing a black cape. It’s hiding his face. He’s also carrying a large scythe with him. He takes his cape of. Hair with the color of blood, apears. Charming green eyes, and beautiful body.

“Hi, i’m Ruvel, and i’m a reaper”





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