Between Hell and Heaven

What happens if you only have 7 days to decide if you want to go to hell or heaven? if demons, angel and reapers are fighting, for your soul? And if you fall in love with who seems to be the bad guy?


2. White walls



I wake up. I can’t see, or i mean it’s unclear to me. I hear a beep, and a female voice.


“Oh hey, you’re awake!”

I wipe my eyes. I can see things more clearly now.


“Yeah um, where am i?” I ask, and look around. Its all white and boring. almost like a… hospital! Memories comes back to me. The car crash… My mom!


“You are at the hospital”

“Where’s my mom?”

“She, um… She’s fine, or i mean, she is going to be”

“What do you mean?”

“She’s in coma”

Short pause.

“Can i see her?”

“Yes, but for a limited time, you need to rest” She says with a kind voice. She stands up and look at me.

“Follow me”

I get out of the room, and look around. It’s all white and blue, calm colors. Wooden chairs with a dark blue seat are all over the place. Small white tables with fake flowers, and blue vases, with purple dots. We walk by a lot of rooms. One of them caught my eye. A little boy sitting next to, what seems to be, his grandma, playing with her. I guess this place can’t be all that

bad. We turned left a couple of times before we came to a room. Number 308. I look back at the nurse, who brought me here. She noticed my confusion.


“Go on, knock on the door” She said with her kind voice, smiling at me.

I smiled back, before knocking on the door, 3 times. A man opened the door.


“Hello! You must be Maya right, the daughter?”

“Yes, that’s me. How is she?”

“She is gonna be fine, it will just take a little time”

“How long?”

“ Well.. We don’t know exactly how much time, but a couple of days, give or take. A week maby”

“Can i see her?”

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