Between Hell and Heaven

What happens if you only have 7 days to decide if you want to go to hell or heaven? if demons, angel and reapers are fighting, for your soul? And if you fall in love with who seems to be the bad guy?


4. Feathers

A reaper? Isn’t that a ‘angel of death’?

“Ok, wait. Why is there an angel, a demon, and a reaper, at the hospital?”

Diaval, the demon, seems amused over my sutton confusion.

“Diaval!” Latis shout “Be nice!”

“Latis, stop acting like you are the adult of us three” Diaval seems very insulted.

“What do you mean with ‘us’? You make it sound like we are a team” Ruvel teased.

“I am the adult of us three!” Latis informed.

“Oh, shut up!”

Diaval and Latis was fighting. Ruvel walked up to me.


“Come with me”

I look back at my mom.

“I don’t wanna leave her”

“She’ll be ok”

Ruvel grabbed my arm.

“No, i don’t trust you!”

He let go.

“I’m sorry..” He look down.


“LATIS LET ME GO!”  I turn around to find Latis and Diaval fighting, like, actual fighting.

“Will you please stop?” Ruvel asked calmly.

“HE STARTED!” Latis shouted.

“AND I’LL FINISH IT!” Diaval confirmed, and pull out a large sword. Just as he swung it, and it was just about to hit Latis, Ruvel pulled out his scythe, and swung it at Diaval. He flew 3 meters and then hit the wall.


“RUVEL, I’M GONNA KILL YOU!” Diaval yelled.


“I have to leave. Come with me or what?” Ruvel looked at me, waiting for an answer.

I look down.

“I see” Ruvel stars running, Just as he’s about to fly out of the window…

“Ruvel wait!”

He looks back at me.


I see no reason to stay, it wouldn’t hurt anyone if i left.

“I’ll come with you”

Ruvel smiled, and reached for my hand. He put his arms around me.

“Hold on tight”

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