The Adoption

Brynn Tucker is 12 years old and has lived in the Our Little Savior orphanage since she was under 1 week old. She's kind and friends with almost everyone at the orphanage. One day, 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy come to Our Little Savior and find Brynn. Read to find out what will happen to Brynn and One Direction!


1. This is Brynn O'Malley


"I'M HUNGRY BRYNN!" my "younger sister" Caitlin cried bouncing on the edge of my bed. I yawned and leaned over to check the time. 6:30 AM, like usual. I shouldn't be surprised. "Let me just get dressed Cait. Wait right outside the door." I smiled and hopped out placing Caitlin on my hip. She hugged me tight and I let her down as she scurried out the door. I could her humming outside. I put on pretty much the usual. Jeans and a tee shirt, today a blue one. I combed my hair and braided it quickly. My grey converse barely on my feet I opened my bedroom door. Caitlin was standing there, already dressed. I bet Diana came by and found her there. Grabbing her hand we gently padded down the hallway, still a bit groggy from the morning air.


One of the sweetest girls in my orphanage has to be little Brynn O'Malley. She's like my daughter.


A young man threw a baby wrapped in a pink cloth into my hands, his facial expression scared. "Tell Brynn I love her." He whispered and ran down the scary streets of New York City. He turned down an alley and then I heard the gunshot. I rushed the baby inside and found a label on her cloth. It read "Brynn O'Malley. Born on April 4th. Daughter of Seth and Allison O'Malley." A tear trickled down my face and I placed her in a crib close to my bedroom. That night I googled Seth and Allison O'Malley. The results were: Allison O'Malley dead just an hour after she gave birth. Horrible murder by jealous nurse. Daughter saved with her father Seth O'Malley. Then I found photos of Seth. He was the man who gave the young girl to me. He was her father who now was dead too.

-----------------BACK TO PRESENT---------------

As I walked down the halls checking who was awake, I noticed Caitlin Geraffe, 3 years old, bouncing on her toes outside of Brynn's bedroom. "Oh Caitlin. Come here quickly." I said and removed her pajamas. I pulled a yellow sundress over her head and combed her hair and she must've heard Brynn coming because she raced out of her room.

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