The Adoption

Brynn Tucker is 12 years old and has lived in the Our Little Savior orphanage since she was under 1 week old. She's kind and friends with almost everyone at the orphanage. One day, 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy come to Our Little Savior and find Brynn. Read to find out what will happen to Brynn and One Direction!


5. News

(((((((((((((((((((((AT THE HOSPITAL)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


"Names please." A receptionist with curly golden ringlets asked and I listed our names. She smiled and nodded. "I'm very sorry boys but at the moment you cannot visit Brynn or Caitlin. The doctor will be out shortly to give you information." She turned around in her chair and started working on another file.

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed sadly. I just needed to know if they were okay. Niall was getting chips from a vending machine, Liam was reading a magazine, and Louis was texting Simon about the accident. I closed my eyes wishing this wasn't happening as I sat down next to Louis.

"Simons coming. He said he'll be here in 20 minutes." Louis whispered and I patted him on the back. "Thanks mate" I smiled slightly but it was so difficult.

Niall sat down and all you could hear was the crunching of his chips. It was sort of funny and eventually we were all laughing hysterically.


I was starving. Harrys at the check in counter talking with the receptionist, Liam's reading a magazine and Louis is texting away to Simon I think. I yawned and thought and dreamed about food. Delicious food. My mouth started watering and I guess it was noticeable.

"Dude the vending machines right there." Liam laughed and handed me 5 dollars. "Thanks." I laughed too and stumbled over to the vending machine in the corner.

Chips or cookies? Cheez-it's or goldfish? Tough decisions, tough decisions. For a moment my hunger faded away as I thought about Brynn and Caitlin. It was so scary, for them and for us. I can't even imagine it happening to them. I snapped back into it and ordered BBQ chips. I punched in the digits and sat back down in the middle of Liam and Louis. Harry sat down next to Louis and yawned.

"The Doctor will be out soon. We can't go in yet." He stared down at his jeans and NIKE sneakers. I crunched away at my chips, the only sound to be heard in the bland lobby. A couple walked in crying and were taken directly to another room.

"Simons on his way." Louis tucked his phone back in his pocket and sighed. He began to hum Little Things and I joined in, then Liam and finally Harry. Eventually we were all singing together and it was wonderful. BUZZ BUZZ! Louis picked up his phone and walked out of the hospital doors. Then I felt my phone BUZZ. A text from Zayn, that's strange we never talk anymore. It reads:

"Hey Niall. I know we haven't talked in a while but I heard about your adopted kids and I'm sorry."

I didn't respond and closed my eyes exhausted.


Harry's up front with the receptionist who is really no help at all. Nialls hugging his stomach and finally goes over to the vending machine. Liams reading an article about, well us, and I'm stressed and tired. I texted Simon that we were in the hospital and why and he said he's on his way there. I've begun to him Little Things to distract myself and the other boys quickly joined in. Soon we were full out singing and Liam was even disco dancing. It was so funny. Then I felt my phone BUZZ. I pulled it out to see a call from Simon. I headed out the hospital doors and answered.

Simon- "Louis outside its trouble. The papz are everywhere. Paul's distracting them but it's insane like usual. Do you think you'll be able to be in their room soon?"

Louis- "I don't know Simon. Just try, thanks."

Simon- "Sure. Are you okay? Are you all okay?"

Louis- "I think so but we are all confused Si. This is so scary for us, we already love them."

Simon- "I know Lou. Anyway I'm coming in now. See you soon."

Simon hung up and I stumbled back to my seat in the lobby. "Harry Styles please come up here." The receptionist called for Harry.


"Harry Styles please come up here." The receptionist called for me. I walked up to her and she smiled. "Here are some forms you need to fill out for us. The doctor will notify me shortly before he comes to talk to you all. These papers need to be signed so she can get treatment when they awake. Thank you very much boys." She handed my a packet and I sat down again to fill them out. The questions were pretty easy but I had to do it twice. Once for Brynn and once for Caitlin. Liam filled out Caitlin's. Here's how BRYNNS was signed:

Full name- Brynn Elizabeth O'Malley Styles

Age- 12 years old

Birth date: April 4th

Parents/Guardians- Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne

Hometown- Manhatten, New York City, New York

Phone number-




Harry handed me a form and told me to fill it out with Caitlin's information. I put my cell phone number and my email. Harry frantically finished BRYNNS and snatched mine away. Apparently the girls couldn't get treatment without the paperwork. I walked up with Harry as he handed the receptionist our forms.

"Great, thank you. The doctor will be out in about 20 minutes. The girls are just starting to become conscious." She smiled and spun around to put our paperwork in our files.

"Ok thanks." Harry nodded and we all sat back down to tell Louis and Niall the news. Louis jumped up in happiness and Niall patted us all on the back.

AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry the past two chapters have been in the boys point of views. This chapter is just about them waiting and how each boy is handling it. Next chapter will be awesome!

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