The Adoption

Brynn Tucker is 12 years old and has lived in the Our Little Savior orphanage since she was under 1 week old. She's kind and friends with almost everyone at the orphanage. One day, 4 British boys and 1 Irish boy come to Our Little Savior and find Brynn. Read to find out what will happen to Brynn and One Direction!


8. I wonder...


Harry's out of his mind. He's gone insane. All day he's been sitting, just sitting in the hospital lobby. He's just been staring at a blank wall and hasn't eaten a single thing. He's torn apart. I mean I guess we all are. I'm sitting in the driver seat of my black car driving down the highway, Niall in the passenger seat. Liam's at the hospital keeping Harry company. We are on our way to the nearest Wendy's for lunch. I'm starving and so is Niall. It's been a super long day and it's only 2:00. We pull into the car line and it's a long wait. Suddenly Niall taps me on my shoulder.

"Louis, Harry just texted me. The doctor said we will be able to go in and see the girls again at 5 PM." He explains.

I nod and move up to the order window as the white KIA pulls out of the parking lot. The woman slides open the window and screams.

"Omg! Is that Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan? Omg omg omg!" She screams but luckily doesn't ask for an autograph.

She disappears and an older man appears and slides open the window.

"Sorry about that sir. What can I get for you today?" The man asks and his name tag reads Dave.

"It's fine. I'll have a regular hamburger with mayo and tomatoes for me. I'll have one son of a baconator with mayo and a 4 piece chicken nugget (Niall.) Can I also have one cheeseburger with ketchup (Liam) and a garden salad with Italian dressing and extra tomatoes on it (Harry.) I'll take 4 value fries and 2 diet cokes (Louis and Harry), 1 lemonade (Liam), and 1 root beer (Niall.) All drinks size large." I ordered and the man smiled as I handed him my credit card.

"Sure. Your total is $83.45. At the next window you'll get your food." He explains and I pull off to the next window.

Niall yawns and starts playing our album Midnight Memories. The young lady hands us our food and we quickly pull out of the lot eager to get to the hospital again. Niall digs into his fries and I take a huge bite out of my burger and a swig of my soda. We drive down the highway blasting Midnight Memories and trying to forget about the incidents of this morning.


I'm scared and I refuse to leave the hospital. I haven't eaten in hours and my stomach is arguing with me. I've just been staring at the blank wall thinking. Deeply thinking. Niall and Louis just went to Wendy's to pick up food for us all and Liams stayed behind with me.

"Harry Styles? A quick moment?" The receptionist calls me up to the front desk. "The doctor just notified me you probably won't be able to visit Brynn or Caitlin again until around 5 tonight."

"Ok thank you." I nod and head back to my seat to tell Liam and text Niall and Louis.

I pull up an article that's already about Brynn. I don't want this to happen. She's new to our family and this going to be awful for her and Caitlin. A tear rolled down my face and sniffed. Liam caught me and asked what was wrong.

"Liam, the papz have already caught our story. There's tons of articles already about Brynn and Cait's accident. It's stressful and a bit too personal for the media. Simons already trying to control them." I stare down at my orange NIKE sneakers and ran a hand through my hair.

Liam sighed and just shook his head telling me it'll be okay. I don't want to leave the hospital. I'm worried they might discover something or Caitlin might wake up when I'm not here. It's too scary.


Harry refuses to leave the hospital lobby. He hasn't eaten since early this morning at like 5 AM and he hasn't showered since I don't know yesterday. He reeks by the way. He's been on his phone constantly and has been freaking out over numerous articles. In my opinion chill pills are needed right now. I've even debated running to the local pharmacy and requesting them. Imagine that! Anyway Louis and Niall finally went to Wendy's to get lunch for us all and I'm exhausted. I took an hour nap a little while ago but Harry doesn't want me to sleep for too long. He's worried news will happen when he's not here.

"Liam, there's all these articles about Brynn and Caitlin's accident all over the media. Do we really need that?" He complains and I sigh heavily.

"It's going to be okay mate." I smiled and suddenly the hospital doors open.

Louis and Niall strut in and hand us our meals. I take a huge swig of lemonade and take a bite of my cheeseburger. I'm so hungry it's not even funny. Harry finishes his salad in practically under 10 minutes as we watch the news that's on in the lobby. I'm tired after I eat and I just want to relax.

///////////////////////////////LATER AT 5 PM////////////////////////////////////////////////////


"Harry Styles? Niall Horan? Liam Payne? Louis Tomlinson?" I recognize Brynn and Caitlin's doctors voice.

We hurry over to him and I check my watch. 5:03 PM. Just a bit late! He reads through his paperwork and smiles at us all.

"Alright gentlemen Brynn is going to be up all night and I recommend only one or two of you stay through the night with her. Possibly a switch off. Yes you may stay the night in her room. No news on Caitlin. Brynn's room is down the hall and to the left. Room 301." Doctor Brent grins and shakes Nialls hand.

"Man his hands are cold," Niall whispers and we all burst out laughing.

It's good to have a joker sometimes. Especially in these situations. Brynn is sitting upright chewing on a salad when we sit down next to her.

"Dad! Niall! Louis! Liam!" She shouts and hugs us all like she's never met us before.

Her hair is braided and I assume her nurse did it for her. That's so nice of the nurse. She takes a swig of water and smiles at us and for once her smile reveals hope.

"I'm so tired guys." She whispers and lays her head softly on my shoulder.

"I know. It's okay sweetheart." I murmur in her ear and she breathes gently on my neck.

Louis and Liam sit down and start eating at Brynn's salad and she bursts out in giggles. Niall tickles her and it feels so good to see her giggling and smiling. Hours pass and it feels like only seconds.

"Guys Liam and I are going to sleep at home tonight. You guys good?" Louis asks me and Niall.

We both nod and cuddle up on either side of Brynn. She holds both of our hands and the nurse rushes in. It's around 10:30 PM I think.

"Brynn I have a few medicines you have to take." Nurse Ruby smiles and hands her a green liquid. "This is to help you not fall asleep and for your dizzyness. The pills are for your headaches and the pink liquid is for your pain in your body and your wounds. The television is on but at 11:30 PM I'm ordered to turn it off. You can talk all night, we don't mind. Enjoy. Brynn don't sleep at all, it's dangerous." She hurries off and for the next hour Brynn just watches TV tiredly.

"Don't go to sleep honey. Don't go to sleep." Niall sings to Brynn.

The whole night is just full of giggles and discussions.


Louis and Liam really want to go home to sleep and I really want to stay with Brynn and Harry. So at around 10:00 PM Louis and Liam leave but with many kisses and hugs for Brynn. I cuddle up on the right side of Brynn and kiss her pale forehead and practically tickle her to death.

"I'm so lucky you're my uncle, uncle Niall." Brynn whispers and hugs me super tightly.

Harry smiles and together we all watch the cartoons the nurse has put on for Brynn. Eventually I pass out and Harry stays up with Brynn. Then he wakes me up and I stay up with Brynn. Throughout the night it's just a pass-off. A fun one, full of giggles and jokes and hugs and kisses!


I'm exhausted and so is Louis.

"Mind if we go home mate?" I ask Niall and he says he wants to stay anyway.

At around 10 PM Louis and I kiss Brynn good-bye and wave to the receptionist as we leave the hospital. I climb into the passenger seat of Louis's car as we drive down the highway to our house. When we get there, Louis cooks us both a plate of chicken wings and we watch The Hunger Games. When we are done I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I get in my pajamas and set my alarm for 5:30 AM as I pull my blankets up to my eyes. Finally, sleep!

But I already miss Brynn and Caitlin. I can only wonder.....will they be okay?

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