Save Me A Spark

Lillian Gaskarth has had a rough life. Kellin Quinn is her best friend, but could there be more? One party will change their whole lives.


2. Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep. I wake up to my annoying alarm. The first thing I do is text Cat, seeing as she’s not awake yet, “Good morning gorgeous!!!” While I wait for a reply, I get ready for a shower and eat a quick blueberry bagel. I live alone, so I don’t need much food in the house. My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade starts playing from my phone.


C: “Good morning beautiful.”


L: “What are you doing today?”


C: “I don’t know really. I think Austin is coming over, but today is Emily’s birthday, so I think I might go visit her grave today.”


L: “Okay. I’m having a party tonight, if you want to come over.”


C: “I might be there just to get shit-faced. If you want I can buy some beer for it?”


L:“Um, no. One, beer is gross. Two, it’s weak.”


C: “Whatever. What do you want me to get?”


L: “Get some liquor. Also I’m inviting Kellin, Kate, and Joey. Also do you

have any smoke?”


C: “Okay, but do you think Kellin will like that? Yes I do, I bought a carton yesterday you want a pack?”


L: “Yeah. Also, Kellin likes the hard shit. Remember high school? Also I got stuff yesterday and it’s fucking lit.”


C: “Okay I do remember what he likes and you know I don't smoke pot I can't after what happened it gives me flashbacks”


L: “Sorry. I’ll keep it away from you. I forgot. You can bring whoever you want to this by the way.”


C: “Don't worry about it. I’ll be fine. I think I'm just gonna bring Austin so he can carry me across the yard after.”


I laugh at my phone and start getting ready for the party. I attempt to clean my house the best I can. Tonight will be the night I don’t give a shit. The night I can be free. You see, the thing about parties is you don’t have  to worry about anything. Not your job, your wife, your dogs wedding, nothing. At about 6 I start to get ready. I put on a tight black dress with long lace sleeves, red heels, and start on my makeup. A smokey eye and red lips. I look like a slut. So what? It’s my party.  

At about 7:30, everybody starts arriving. First is Cat and Austin.

“Hey hoe!” Cat runs up and gives me a hug, “You look hot as fuck!”

I laugh, “You do too! Hi Austin.” He nods and puts the drinks at the bar. Cat and I start making drinks when Kellin and Katelynne walk in. Seeing them together kills me.

“Hey Lilly. You look great!” Kellin gives me a hug while Katelynne is sending me daggers in her mind.

I giggle, “You clean up nice Quinn. Want a drink?” He nods and we make him his drink laughing and talking away.

About an hour into the party I hear fighting. Oh boy, what now? I make my way into the living room where Kate is sitting on Joey’s lap. Kellin is about to hit him when I stepped in, “Kate, Joey, get the fuck out of my house.” Katelynne huffs and drags Joey out of the house. Kellin grabs another shot and chokes it down. “Hey Kells, wanna come to my room with me?” I barely get the sentence out of my mouth and Kellin has me by my hand taking me to my room.

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