Save Me A Spark

Lillian Gaskarth has had a rough life. Kellin Quinn is her best friend, but could there be more? One party will change their whole lives.


1. About The Character

Lillian Avry Gaskarth is 19 years old and completely in love with her best friend. She could never tell anyone though. He was taken. Hell, they’re practically married! Katelynne is so beautiful, smart, and everything she thought she couldn’t be. Katelynne had the perfect life. There is no way she could even compete with that.

She thinks she’s a mess with no self-esteem. Also she’s an orphan. Her parents left her when she was only ten. Instead of being taken in by someone, she was left alone on the streets. She was and still is pretty suicidal. She tries to be happy, but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. She’s self-harmed since she was twelve and got into some drugs. She used to try pills, but now she sticks to marijuana. She smokes cigarettes and drinks too. She seems pretty messed up, but she has a big heart. The only person who seems to care about that is Cat. She’s basically Lilly’s sister. She’s been through hell and back too. Her home life wasn’t the greatest and she’s had horrible luck with guys. She had a miscarriage about a year ago. Poor girl hasn’t been the same since. Anyways, now that you know a little about her, let’s get on with the story.

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