Waiting at hogwarts

Samantha hunter is a high functioning sociopath and has been excepted into Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry but an evil lurks in t her former best friend Hanna.


4. the fight

once again i retreated to my mind palace 

"well i didn't expect to see you here again today" said my older brother mick i haven't seen him since he was deported to afghanistan for the war. we still hadn't gotten any letters back about him dying or him sending us letter even though he promised to write to us and it basically broke mums heart when i had to leave to go to Hogwarts because I was all she had but sometimes I couldn't stand her blubbering about how everything is terrible i mean they haven't told if he is dead yet so there is a possibility that he is still alive and I am still alive so you haven't lost everything so suck it up mother.


Heellloooo people of movellas!!!! I would like to thank u for an amahzing 406 reads!! But unfortunately I am not sure if I should continue writing ' Waiting at Hogwarts' ):

Tho I don't know if it would be a good idea to stop writing either! So if u think I should keep writing plz comment or like it and if you don't like my movella than you can do nothing! Yay! Thx byeeee

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