Waiting at hogwarts

Samantha hunter is a high functioning sociopath and has been excepted into Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry but an evil lurks in t her former best friend Hanna.


2. Mme.pomfrey

A sigh of relief escaped me but I was still stuck to my chair " you can leave now " said dumledor I knew that snap back to reality wasn't good for me the last words I said sounded so ludicrous and they were

"you might need might need to call for the nurse" and then every thing went black. So like a normal high functioning sociopath I retreated to my mind palace and promptly searched everything that included the word Hogwarts. But just as I was starting to get somewhere in my research. Damm it come on and looking down at me from above we're the 2 people I least expected to be there "Hanna annnnnnnnnndd that mean Slytherin boy"my words were kind of slurred then I finally put two and two together just as Hannah was about to say something"you're not Gryffindor are you ?you're in Slytherin with him"

"How did she do that?"asked the ugly Slytherin boy(actually he was dropdead hot but for the sake of the meant that his aura was ugly)

"Hmmm you have looks neat which suggests you got a a haircut recently and your hair is finally brushed which suggests a hog hairbrush which are quite expensive so your family must be rich and full of status. But you have a smudge of dirt underneath your left eye and as I deduced earlier your family is of fame and status so they wouldn't let you be seen with that which means you must of gotten dirty recently so on the train or at school grounds and sense the was no dirt on the train that means that you have done it at Hogwarts but there's been no time for you to do anything because we were all being sorted in the mess hall. But no you were out on the field playing Quidditch that is not allowed but you were rushed here so you only had time to wash your hands but you forgot about the twigs that got stuck on your robe. And here we are now shut up I need to get going "

"Ms you can't you are still mending you have a cast and everything" said the nurse who I would later know as Mme pomfrey

"Well come along then we have dark Arts next" said a Gryffindor girl

"are you crazy I'm still mending I have a cast and everything " the girl laughed and walked towards me she had nice eyes

"My name is Joanna, Joanna wintson nice to meet you "she stuck her hand out for a handshake I put my hand out and then I realized that it was in a cast

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