Waiting at hogwarts

Samantha hunter is a high functioning sociopath and has been excepted into Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry but an evil lurks in t her former best friend Hanna.


3. Joanna wintson

so i stayed in the hospital wing throughout the morning. i must admit it was kind of boring just sitting there doing nothing for a few hours but luckily i entertained myself by reading 'Hogwarts a History' it is actually more interesting than you would thing i mean growing up with the most muggle like parents in the history of the universe kind of makes me interested in all things magical and having a mind palace helps out a lot more than you would think it does. I mean I file hippogriff right beside hyroglifics so everything is neat ,tidy and organized just the way i like it. i continued  reading 'Hogwarts a History' "hippogriffs are very aggressive creatures always ask their permission to get on before actually getting on them you do this by....." i would have read the rest of the book but joanna winston walked into the hospital wing being escorted by two teachers she was limping 

"Oh my dear what happened?" Asked mme.pomfrey but just by looking at Joanna it was obvious what had happened. She had gotten attacked or had gotten into a fight I couldn't tell which from this angle of view. and then for the second time today the world went black.

AN/sorry for the short chapter i will upload as soon as possible[after i binge watch gilmore girls for 5 hours]

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