Waiting at hogwarts

Samantha hunter is a high functioning sociopath and has been excepted into Hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry but an evil lurks in t her former best friend Hanna.


1. 1

So this is my first movella I hope you guys like it! Please tell me if there are any mistakes in the comment section and please remember that I do own the story so plz don't say that u wrote it-THX;)

I've been waiting for such a long time for this I can't believe I didn't think of what was going to happen once the day finally came. "Samantha Hunter" my name is called

"You're going to be great"says my Best friend Hannah. To be honest I am scared out of my wits I don't know what to say back to her . regularly I would've said some sort of witty remark but I can't think of anything right now. All I can think of is what they are going to place me in. OK deep breaths that's what I kept repeating in my mind. I slowly walked up onto the stage platform thingy I could feel thousands of eyes on me as if that didn't make it anything more nerve-wracking. I felt paralyzed with fear and I am almost 100% sure that the professors could see that.

"Come up hear dear" said the head master but I could barely even think straight much less walk any further. Just looking at it gave me chills."she's not to bright is she"says one of undoubtedly Slytherin. Ugh I'll show him. I sat down on the char and put the hat on my head. I could feel it throwing all the doors in my mind palace Being thrown open but as soon as it opened I slammed it shut. It looked at me impressed .well as impressed as a hat can look ( it looked kind of weird )

"A mind palace huh haven't seen one of those in a while' muttered the hat. 'So I have seen almost nothing but since you are smart enough to have a mind palace I guess I should put you in Ravenclaw but you keep on slamming the Doors which makes me think that there is something that you do not want me to see so definitely not Hufflepuff so maybe Slytherin.

"No please anything but Slytherin' my mind started to think of the bratty Slytherin boy.' I mean I am just not right for it"

"Well then " said the hat. GRYFFINDOR


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