Blood Game

"The more blood, the more pain"


3. Chapter 2: "He's not my type anyway"

We’re sitting around the dinner table, eating chicken pie – my favorite – as my phone suddenly buzz in my pocket. I look up from my phone but neither my dad nor mom seems to notice.
- “I’m so glad that your first day at school went so well, honey” my mom suddenly breaks the silence, giving me a big smile, in which my dad joins, also looking at me. I smile back.
- “Yea it was good actually. I made a few friends also so I guess that’s good” while speaking I can feel my phone suddenly buzz again.
- “That’s so good to her! How’s the teachers, are they nice?” my dad asks.
- “Yea they’re awesome” I simply answer nonchalantly as I look down to see who’s been texting me.

From: Kate from class

Hey girl! Sup? Wanna hang 2night at the old pub? Just for a few hours. Thought it’d be good 4 u to get to know us better and the other way around :) Whatcha say?

- “Who’s texting?” I look up to see my parents looking at me, curious to know.
Normally I would never text someone while eating at the dinner table, but tonight I felt like a little excuse since it’s a “newly made” friendship.
- “It’s Kate. She’s in my class, asking if I wanna hang out tonight with her and some others from the class”. I decide to quickly text back before putting my phone back in my pocket.

From: Me

Sure, why not :)

As I hit the “send” button I feel certain warmth running through my body.
All summer I’ve been so afraid of this day, thinking it would be the end of me, and then without even trying I just happened to come across people like Kate and Tristan and then I have two new friends already. If that hasn’t improved my confidence I would be lying because it sure has.
I feel a buzz in my pocket again, but I decide to just check the answer after we’ve finished dinner.
- “Oh that’s great, honey! Are they coming here or?”
- “No it’s uh…” for some reason I decide not to tell the truth “I think it’s at Kate’s house or something” I shrug while standing up from my chair.
- “Oh, okay” my mom and dad watches me as I grab my plate and cutlery and walks out in the kitchen.
- “Well you guys have fun then!” I can hear my dad yelling from the living room as I place the stuff on the kitchen desk. I grab my phone from my pocket and open the text.

From: Kate from class

Awesome! See you there at 8 :)

I look at the clock. It’s in 30 minutes.

I hurry out the kitchen and up the stairs to my room to get ready.

What am I gonna wear? It’s Monday night, and just a couple hours which means I’m not supposed to dress up, right? I open my closet, screening my entire clothes for minutes.
Finally I decide to just go with a casual burgundy colored top and a pair of black tight denim jeans.
I decide to just comb my hair and let it fall loose around my shoulders. I like my natural wavy hair.
I fresh up my makeup a bit and to finish the look I put on my very beloved choker necklace and some perfume. That must be it.
20 minutes later I’m down the stairs, ready to go. I have 10 minutes, which should be enough to get there in time. I put on my black bomber jacket and my black converse shoes.
- “I’m leaving now, see you later!” I shout to my parents as I grab my shoulder bag and head outside the house. I walk to my bike and then I’m headed for the pub.


A thick blurry air of smoke hits my face the minute I step into the pub.
I blink a few times which only causes my eyes to get itchy and irritated due to the smoke.
I look around. Wow, I had no idea there would be people here on a Monday night.
- “Hey beautiful, need some company?” A raspy manly voice speaks to me which causes me to turn my head around. An unknown guy is smirking at me, holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. He seems to be a lot older than me, maybe in the 30’s.
- “Um no, I’m here with someone” I quickly answer, trying not to make eye contact which he’s desperately trying to.
- “Oh, okay. Who?” he asks the minute I notice Kate, Tristan, Mel and some other people from the school. Without answering back I quickly rushes to their table, feeling relieved somehow.
- “There you are honey!” Kate squeal the minute she sees me and gets up to hug me. “Thought you might’ve gotten lost so I was just about to call you” she speaks as we hug, giggling. I giggle back.
I can smell the beer in her breath and I have a sense they’ve been here a good while.
- “No don’t worry, I’m good” I answer. She pads the spot beside her, signaling for me to sit down which I do. And that’s when a pair of arms wraps around me, hugging me to tight that I almost can’t breathe.
- “Jas you pretty one!” the guy exclaims and I can tell by the voice that it’s Tristan hugging me.
I smile, gently removing his arms from my throat before I lose my breath.
- “Hey Tristan” I giggle, as I turn around to look at him. He smiles and winks at me and I can tell he’s a little tipsy. I’m surprised they’re even drinking.
- “You know it’s Monday right? Which means we have school tomorrow” I ask him, arching a brow as I watch him, a little amused.
His smile turns into a playful smirk, then he leans in closer and whispers “so what?” in my ear before pulling away again and taking another sip of his beer. Kate giggles behind me.
- “I don’t care about Miss Popkins or Mr. Wilson” I roll my eyes but can’t help but snort by his answer, which causes everyone to laugh.
- “Don’t you want a beer?” Kate gently puffs my arm with hers as she reaches her beer to me, wanting me to take a sip. I shake my head.
- “No thanks Kate, I think I’ll pass tonight” her eyes turn suspicious as she looks at me.
- “You don’t drink, huh?” she asks, raising an eyebrow. I can’t help but smile amused.
- “No, not on a Monday” my answer makes her roll her eyes as she takes a sip of her beer.
- “Hey Jas babe, could you buy me a new beer?” Tristan asks me as he hands me some money.
- “Alright” I grab them and get up from the table as I walk to the bar. Perhaps I should buy a soda or something, maybe water. I sit down in one of the chairs, waiting for the bartender to turn his attention on me. Hmm, I look at the sodas. I think I’ll go for a Schweppes Lemon.
- “Can I help you?” the bartender asks me. I look up and smile at him.
- “Uh yea, I’d like a beer and a Schweppes Lemon please” he nods and while I wait for him to hand me my drinks I look around. And then, a few pair of chairs away from me, I see Zach.
I watch him. He’s wearing a black hoodie; he’s wearing the hat as he’s drinking what looks like a dark liquor, making him look a little creepy. He hasn’t seen me.
- “Here you go” the bartender suddenly makes me snap back to reality and I hand him the money.
I grab the beer and the lemon as I get down from the chair, but as I take a step towards Kate and Tristan, I stop. I stand there for a few seconds, before deciding to walk past the few bar chairs.
- “Hey” I say as I smile, placing the beer and the lemon on the desk.
- “Hey” my smile fades as he monotonously answers, not even bothering to look at me.
- “I uh… I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jasmine”.
For a few seconds he doesn’t say anything. But then he finally turns his head and looks at me.
The way he looks up and down at me, analyzing me, makes me feel a little uncomfortable and I can feel my heart starting to beat faster. He’s making me nervous.
- “The new girl” he then finally speaks absently. I frown by his answer. Didn’t expect that.
- “Uh well yea, I guess I am” I bite my lip nervously, feeling the whole situation getting really awkward. Wow, in my 19 years of living I’ve never come across someone as careless as him.
As if he couldn’t care less about my existence. How can someone possible want to be his friend?
- “Yo Zach, you hitting on my girl?” I turn around by the sudden voice and I see Tristan winking at me, and everything just gets even more awkward. I pray to God that I won’t start blushing.
- “Nah” he just answers back causally, taking a sip of the liquor in his glass. “I’m good.”
Even though I don’t know this guy, I can’t help but take that comment a little personal.
The way he said it, as if he’d never hit on someone like me, actually makes me a little offended.
A snort escapes from my mouth, causing Zach to turn his eyes on me, his head still facing forward.
- “Don’t take it personal Jas, he’s just a dick” Tristan speaks, earning a smirk from Zach as he arches a brow, not even contradicting Tristan’s remark. Is he amused by this?
A sudden irritation and the feeling of being humiliated starts filling me. Idiot.
- “I don’t” I say, grabbing my soda. “He’s not my type anyway” I add the moment I turn around and start walking back to Kate and the others, not even bothering to see his reaction.
I can hear a “ooooh” from Tristan behind me, and seconds later he wraps his arm around my shoulder as we walk back to the other’s together.
- “Finally someone who knows how to kick his ass” Tristan laughs as we sit down, and everyone’s attention is suddenly on him.
- “What? What happened?” Kate asks, looking alternately at me and Tristan. I just shrug.
- “You didn’t see? Jas just shut Zach Ramirez’ mouth, telling him he’s not her type”
- “You did what?!”
- “No way!” Kate and Mel gaps, looking at each other then back at me.
- “What? He’s an idiot” I just answer nonchalantly before taking a sip of my lemon.
- “You go girl!” Kate puffs my shoulder, sending me an empowering wink, causing me to giggle.
For the first time since I walked away I look over at the spot, but there’s no Zach.
I look around, but I can’t see him anywhere. His glass is empty, so I guess he must’ve left.
Maybe my comment was too much for him to handle. I can’t help but smile at the thought.
He deserved that one.
- “Let’s play a game” Mel suddenly speaks, catching my attention.
She has a set of card game in her hands, mixing them.
I look at the clock, it’s almost 9PM. I told my parents I wouldn’t be home later than 10, so I guess I’ll stay for a little while before I head home.


The clock is 10:58 when I open the door. Damn it.
I know there’s a chance that my dad’s still up, he never goes to bed before 11 am.
While trying my hardest not to make any sound at all, I’m mentally preparing myself for that scolding I know my dad is going to give me for coming home later than promised.
I don’t even know why I’m not home before now, I just guess I lost track of time because we were having so much fun.
- “You know, your attempt on not making a sound isn’t really going that well” my dad’s voice suddenly appears in front of me and I quickly look up to find him standing in the doorway to the living room. I can hear the TV going in the background.
- “I’m sorry that I’m home way too late and I know and it won’t happen again” today I decide to just apologize before he even starts scolding me, because honestly I’m way too tired for this now.
- “It’s okay” he says and the way he speaks so calm and casually makes me actually think he’s telling the truth. I arch a brow, trying to figure out why in the hell he isn’t mad at me.
- “I bet you had a good reason not to be home before now” a smile is appearing on his face, causing me to slightly return it. Wow, I didn’t expect this. “Did you have fun?” he adds seconds later. I nod.
- “I did. We started playing this card game called Cards Against Humanity that Tristan – a new friend – brought. It was hilarious and I guess I lost track of time, I’m sorry” my dad chuckles.
- “It’s okay sweetheart, I’m glad you had fun. Just go to bed before we wake up your mother” I giggle back as I nod, giving my dad a kiss on the cheek before heading up the stairs to my room.
I quickly rip off my clothes and jumps into bed, not even bothering to take off my makeup.
And minutes later I’m asleep.


From: Kate from class

During sex I like to think about your weird brother ;)

The sudden text from Kate makes me snort, trying to hold back a laugh.
I look at Kate to find her sitting at her table with the exact same look on her face.
- “What?” Tristan whispers and I show him the text, causing him to slightly chuckle.
- “You know, he might be weird but my brother has a big cock trust me” Tristan whispers into my ear, almost making me choke on my own saliva.
- “Tristan!” I hiss, causing him to silently laugh. I roll my eyes. Idiot.
I decide to give back to Kate.

From: Me

How did I lose my virginity? Winking at old people ;)

Kate’s attempt on not bursting out laughing is hilarious, which makes both Tristan and I struggling doing the same. A few giggles escapes now and then, and I swear to God I’m about to pee my pants.
- “Kate, is that amusing thing on your phone something you’d like to share with the rest of us?” Mrs. Popkins suddenly speaks up, pulling us right back to our English class.
Tristan and I quickly looks at each other, both thinking how much of a disaster it’d be if she had to read those messages out loud, but at the same time how awfully funny it would be.
- “Um, no Mrs. Popkins, I’ll shut my mouth I promise” Kate quickly answers, trying to sound as dead serious as possible, but isn’t really succeeding due to the huge laughter she’s holding back.
Mrs. Popkins looks at Kate, then at me and Tristan and then back at Kate, before turning her attention back onto the smartboard where currently a Power Point slide is being shown.
10 more minutes and then we can let out our laughter, just 10 more minutes. My stomach is hurting from holding back, and looking at Tristan or Kate just makes it even more painful, so I decide to just leave my phone alone and look down into my book until the bell rings.

- “Finally!” Kate bursts out as she laughs hysterically causing me and Tristan to do the same.
- “I honestly thought I was gonna shit my pants!” Tristan speaks in between his laughing.
- “So would Mrs. Popkins if she saw the messages!” I add, causing us all to laugh even more.
- “Hey, what’s so funny? Ya’ll look like you can’t breathe” Melanie joins us as we leave the classroom, heading for lunch.
- “It’s just the game from last night. During class we were sending each other some of the epic sentences we made and it was so fucking hard not to burst out laughing!” Kate answers as we’re all slowly getting our breath back.
- “Cards Against Humanity? Oh yea that’s the most fucking genius game ever, it was hilarious” Mel giggles and we all nod in agreement.
- “Now let’s eat, I’m starving!” Tristan speaks in a dramatic voice, and we all walk inside the cafeteria to find our usual eating spot, but then as we almost reach it we all stop.
Around the table there’s a bunch of guys sitting, eating their lunch, and there’s one particular hoodie that I immediately recognize. A feeling of annoyance and irritation slowly builds up inside of me as I watch Zach and his friends eating their food as they talk and laugh.
This is our spot. Kate and Tristan have told me that they sit there literally every day, and the fact that they suddenly sit at our spot can only mean one thing; he’s trying to provoke us.
- “Uh, what are they doing at our spot?” Tristan asks, pointing from them to us. Kate sighs.
- “I don’t know, but now we have to find another place to sit” she answers monotonously as she turns on her foot and starts looking around for some place elsewhere.
Tristan and Melanie look around too.
- “No” I say, causing them all to look at me. Kate raises an eyebrow.
- “You guys always sit there, right?” I ask, earning an insecure nod from all of them.
- “Well then we have the right to sit there” I shrug and start walking towards the table.
- “No, Jas don’t! It’s fine, really!” I hear her but I decide to ignore her as I keep walking.
I look behind me to find Kate, Tristan and Mel staring at me as if I’m completely nuts.
And maybe I am. But I don’t care. If he can be a jerk to me, then I can be the same to him, right?
I reach the table, and instead of thinking of a jerky way to ask him to get the hell away I let myself sit down at the table across from Zach, causing all of them to look at me as they stop talking and eating.
- “Is the tuna good?” I ask the guy beside me, who’s eating a tuna sandwich, but he just glares at me, his mouth filled with food.
- “Who the fuck are you?” one of the other guys spits, only making my irritation growing bigger.
- “I’m Jasmine. Jasmine Reyes” I answer, faking a smile. “The new girl” I ad, looking at Zach who’s just staring blankly at me, as if he was just looking at a wall and not me.
A coldhearted prick as usual.
- “Uh, okay?” the guy answers back, giving me the why-would-I-care-look. Wow douche.
- “What’s your name?”
- “What the hell are you doing?” Zach suddenly interrupts, finally speaking since I sat down.
I turn my attention from the other guy to him, staring directly back into his emotionless eyes.
- “Me? Oh, I’m just sitting at my table where I usually eat my lunch meals, what are you doing?” I ask back, causing some of the guys to snort. He looks at me for a few seconds, then he suddenly chuckles and that’s the first time I’ve actually seen him do that.
- “Right… You know, that’s pretty sweet but uh, today it’s our table so if you don’t mind…” he says, discreetly signaling for me to piss off.
- “But I do mind” I quickly reply, causing several of the guys to raise their eyebrows as they look from me to Zach and then back at me. He snorts as he licks his lips, clearly surprised by my answer.
- “I’d hate to break it to you, but really, I couldn’t care less about what you mind, Jasmine” the way he says my name sends shivers down my spine. The other guys chuckle amused, some of them even have the conscience to say “uuuuhh!” only making that comment even more humiliating.
- “I know that, Zach” I answer, getting up from my seat as I start walking around the table, and as I reach him I stop and bend down so that my mouth is right next to his ear. “And that’s exactly what makes you a guy rather than a man” and as I’ve said those words I walk away.
I can hear some of the guys saying “uuuh!” again, but this time it gives me a smile on my face knowing it was because of my comment. 

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