Blood Game

"The more blood, the more pain"


2. Chapter 1: "The new girl"

- “I’m up!” I yell, still half asleep, in a desperate try to make my mom stop yelling up the stairs.

I yawn as I stretch my body which causes me to accidently let in some cold air under my quilt, and with shattering teeth I wrap the quilt tight around my body as I turn to lie on the other side.
“It’s not just a new day but also a whole new beginning for us” my mother’s words from last night repeat inside of my head as I reluctantly open my eyes.
The summer holidays are over and school is starting today. We’ve spent most of the summer moving all the way from Texas to New York due to my parent’s new jobs.
My dad is a doctor and now works at the local hospital, and my mom is working on the local vet hospital as a veterinary physician. Although they both work a lot and are very ambitious about their careers, they still spend a lot of time with me whenever they can, and that’s why we’re very close.
My mom is not only my mom but also sort of my bestfriend. I can talk to her about everything and she’s never judging me. Instead she tries to help me make the best decisions in life, and I love her for that. And my dad? Well, he’s my dad, what can I say? I’ve always been daddy’s little girl, and we’ve spent so many hours together whether it’s been fishing out in the lake or watching movies and Super Bowl. He’s my hero. I know that I can always come to them when something’s on my mind and I’ve always done that. Just right before summer holidays I broke up with my now ex-boyfriend Dylan Raymond. Mostly it was because I didn’t really love him anymore as much as I used to do. And also I don’t want a long distance relationship, now that we live 26 hours away from each other. But the feeling of not having him around anymore is weird. For the past two years we’ve been seeing each other every day almost, so I spend most of my summer moving on.
But I miss him. Of course I would. I feel like it would be weird if I didn’t.
I turn my head and reach for my phone to look at the clock. 7:25 AM. It’s only been 5 minutes since my mom yelled at me. Lazy and clumsy I get myself out of the bed and into the bathroom.
Luckily I have my own bathroom, just a wall between that and my bedroom.
My parent’s bedroom is downstairs, right beside the other bad room. It feels good to have my own bathroom. In Texas I didn’t. My room was sharing wall with my parent’s room which made it very difficult – and at times even awkward – to do something just a little bit private and intimate in my room. Now they won’t hear a sound which is a little ironic now that I’m single and forever alone.
I look at myself in the mirror, another yawn escaping my mouth as I grab my toothbrush.
While I brush my teeth the feeling of first day of school hits me and a nervous feeling is creeping in on me. I’ve never changed school before. And there’s only one year left before graduation so maybe people won’t even bother being friends with me. I frown, then spits out in the sink before grabbing my comb and start brushing my hair. It’s long, wavy and dark brown, I like it.
After finishing combing my hair I walk back into the bedroom and puts on some clothes before walking back into the bathroom again to put on some makeup.
I’m always trying to look as natural as possible since that’s what I prefer the most, and therefore I only use mascara, a natural looking lipgloss and a little bit of blush to my cheeks.
My parents are on their way out of the front door as I walk down the stairs.
- “Good luck at school today, sweetheart! Your father and I will both be home for dinner tonight” she says, giving me a quick kiss on the cheek before grabbing her shoulder bag.
- “Alright see you” I smile, earning a smile in return from my mom before she walks out the door.
My dad shows up right behind her, giving me a gentle hug before pulling away “See you bub” he says, giving me a wink and I wave, still smiling, as he closes the door behind him.
I look at the screen of my phone. 7:40 AM, I have exactly an hour before I have to head for school.
I grab some breakfast and sit down by the couch as I turn on the TV. ABC News shows up on the screen, giving a quick briefing about the weather today. Hot as usual.
I chance the channel and I end up watching the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
An hour later I’m on my way to my first day at my new school. Feeling a little anxiety? I think so.


This school is enormous compared to my old school back in Texas.
- “Jasmine Reyes, is that correct?” I snap out of my thoughts as an old mature voice mentions my name. I nod, adding a careful smile as I look at the principal of the school, Mr. Wilson.
He looks about same age as my grandpa, and the way he returns my smile makes me think he’s a nice old man. He turns his attention to the paper in his hands, what I assume is my application for the school.
- “You’re a senior student I see” he then speaks again, sounding more like a statement than a question so I decide not to say anything. His eyes are still scrolling down the paper, but a few seconds later he puts it away and turns his fully attention towards me.
- “Your classroom will be right down this hallway” he speaks as he points out the principal’s room and I follow his pointing with my eyes. “It’s the second last door on the left. It has the number 204.” I look back at him, this time he’s the one smiling at me and this time I’m the one returning the smile. “Thank you sir” I say, trying to contain myself as the anxiety feeling is seriously hitting me.
- “Just call me Mr. Wilson” he says, handing me a few pieces of paper.
I look down at them as I grab them.
- “One is your schedules for this week until we have put you into our computer system, and then your schedules will be online”. I nod as I look at the other paper. “And the other one is a map of the entire school – In case you should get lost” he adds, causing me to look up at him as he playfully winks at me and I can’t help but let out a silent giggle.
- “That’s all I have for now. I will talk to you later to hear how things are going” he says as he stands up, causing me to do the same. “Oh, and if you need help with anything I’m right in here.”
- “Thank you Mr. Wilson” I smile again, earning a nod from him before walking out the room.
I look down the hallway. It’s full of people. I look at my phone screen. I have 5 minutes until class is starting, I should probably just find it already. Down the hallway, second last door on the left. Number 204. Okay I got it. I start walking down the hallway. As I walk past people they smile at me, and that surprises me. I’ve always heard that the first day of school is a living nightmare, and everybody looks at you like you’re a freak that doesn’t belong here.
- “Hey!” I’ve almost reached number 204 as someone grabs my arm gently. I look around to see a girl smiling at me. Her dark brown, almost black hair is put up in a ponytail and she’s wearing a pair of denim shorts and a crop top, revealing her perfectly tanned body. She’s pretty. “You’re the new girl, right?” she adds, and for some reason I don’t really know what to answer.
- “Um yea, I am” I say, clearing my throat.
- “Sorry” She giggles as she waves her hand dismissively. “I just saw you at the principal’s a few minutes ago so I figured you’d be her. I’m Kate” she introduces, smiling at me. I return the smile.
- “I’m Jasmine” I say, smiling nervously.
- “Well nice to meet you Jasmine. Which class are you heading for?” She asks, and I look down at my schedule paper. She looks down at it too.
- “Uh, it’s number 204-“
- “Seriously? That’s my class!” she says, her eyes glowing as she looks at me again, and she actually seems genuinely interested in me, which I never would’ve expected first day at school.
- “Really? Oh nice, what a coincidence” I laugh, making her laugh too.
- “I know right? Well it’s right in here, c’mon!” She starts walking towards 204, signaling for me to follow her and I do.
As we reach the classroom and walks inside, everybody is finding their seats, preparing themselves for the next schedule.
Kate sits down beside a girl and since I have no seat yet, I just stay at the teacher’s table, for the first time today feeling a little awkward and misplaced.
A woman walks into the class room and as she sees me she gives me a huge smile and reaches out for my hand which I gladly give her.
- “You must be Jasmine?” she asks, her voice soft and petite and I nod.
She doesn’t look very old. In the mid 30’s I would say. Her hair is long blond and curly, which just makes her look even younger.
- “Welcome to your new class Jasmine, I’m Miss Popkins and I’m your class teacher” we shake hands before she clears her throat and turns her attention to the students.
- “Students, this is your new classmate Jasmine Reyes, please welcome her!” and they all say hi in unison. I smile nervously. “Please tell something about yourself, Jasmine” Miss Popkins say, as she sits down at the teacher’s table. I bite my lip nervously.
- “Um well, I just moved to New York from Houston, Texas. I uh, like music and hanging out with friends… And then I like to draw.”
- “How interesting, thank you so much Jasmine, please sit down beside Tristan” she gestures towards an empty seat beside a guy whom I now know is Tristan. His hair is short and light brown, almost blonde. His eyes are a mixture of blue and green, and he’s actually very handsome.
As I sit down beside him I notice his muscled arms and through his t-shirt I can sense that he’s fit.
- “Hey Jasmine, nice to meet you” he smiles at me and reaches his hand out, wanting to shake mine.
- “You too, Tristan” I answer as I shake his hand, causing him to smile even more, revealing his perfect pair of white teeth. He’s really good looking, to be honest.
I inwardly slap myself for thinking that, only seconds after being introduced to the guy.
He’s your classmate, which means a no-go! I tell myself, a promise I made myself during summer holidays. You don’t date your classmates, you just don’t. That’d be so weird, wouldn’t it?
I snap back to reality as Tristan places his book in front of both of us, so that I can keep up, since I haven’t gotten my books yet and won’t before tomorrow I guess. I smile at the friendly gesture, and it actually seems like I’m really welcome here. Everybody seems so nice to me.
Miss Popkins initiates the schedule which is psychology, my favorite subjects, and as she starts talking about the homework that they had to hand in today, the nervous and anxious feeling slowly leaves my body.


- “Wanna join my friends and I for lunch?” I look up to see Kate standing in front of my table, smiling at me.
- “Sure, that’d be nice!” I answer, grabbing my back as I get up from the seat and follow her out the classroom. Tristan quickly joins us and I immediately sense a close bond between the two.
- “Just the usual spot?” Tristan asks her and she nods, earning a thumbs up before he disappears into the huge crowd of people in the hallway, heading for the canteen.
- “Jasmine?” I turn around to see Mr. Wilson smiling at me. “Do you have a minute? It won’t be long I promise” I look at Kate and she just smiles and nods.
- “Just meet us at the canteen, okay? We’ll keep a spot for you!” She winks as she follows the crowd, and I follow Mr. Wilson to the principal’s office.
We sit down just like we did a few hours before.
- “How is everything going so far?” he asks, smiling. “I see you’ve already made a friend” he adds, and I assume he’s referring to Kate. I smile.
- “Yes, a couple actually. And everything is good so far! I’m really surprised how sweet everyone has been to me, I feel really welcome here” my answer seems to satisfy him because he chuckles.
- “Well that’s good, Jasmine. And yes, I’m very proud of my students. We are much focused that all are treated properly, new or not. And you also seem like a very nice girl” the last sentence makes me smile, and I can’t help but feel a little flattered. “Thank you so much Mr. Wilson, I’m sure I’ll be happy to be one of your students.”
- “Oh I hope so” he winks, then gets up from the chair again. I do the same thing.
- “Now get back to your friend and have some lunch” he walks to the door and opens it for me.
- “Thank you, bye!” I walk out and down the hallway, searching for the canteen.
It’s not so hard to find and I don’t even have to look at the map, I just simply have to follow all the noise and voices. As I reach it I look around, trying to find Kate and Tristan.
I suddenly see their hands waving at me, causing me to smile and wave back as I walk to them.
- “Hey!” I say as I reach them, and I now see that there’s a bunch of other people that I haven’t met yet, sitting around the table.
- “Grab some food and get your ass over her!” Tristan says as he nods towards the empty space between him and Kate. Kate giggles.
- “Alright, I’ll be back in a minute” I giggle, walking to the food spot as I get in line.
Luckily most people have gotten their food already and I only have to wait a few minutes.
- “There you go!” the old lady behind the desk tells me as she hands me the food and a glass of water. I smile and thank her, and just as I turn around, wanting to walk to Kate and Tristan, someone bursts into my shoulder, causing my glass of water to fall on the food tray and now my whole meal is flooded with water. I look up and the guy who busted into me just keeps walking, not even bothering to look at me or apologizing to me, literally giving me no attention at all.
I turn around and look at the old lady behind the desk and she waves at me, signaling for me to hand her my tray and I do so. She gives me a new tray with a new meal and a new glass of water, and I thank her before walking to the table with Kate and Tristan. As I reach them I sit down at the empty spot between Kate and Tristan.
- “That was really a dick move” one of the girls says. She’s blond, her hair put up in a messy bun.
- “Don’t take it personally, what just happened with your tray. He can be a dick sometimes” Kate speaks to me with a low voice, then she shrugs. I arch my eyebrows. Kate looks at a spot behind me and I turn around to see what she’s looking at. And that’s when my eyes land on the guy who ruined my meal. He’s sitting at a table with his friends, wearing black denim shorts, a white v-neck t-shirt and black converse shoes. His hair is a little long and blonde, but I can see that it’s dyed, not his real hair color. He looks good, but awfully arrogant. I turn around to look at Kate again. She’s eating her sandwich, talking with the others.
- “Who is he?” I ask. her, and I don’t even have to tell her who I’m talking about, I can sense that she knows already.
- “The guy who ruined your meal?” she asks, wiping her mouth with her napkin before continuing. “That’s Zach Ramirez. Arrogant as fuck, but hot as hell.” Now she’s looking at him again and so is everyone else around our table.
- “Well he can actually be very nice, but it kinda depends on his mood I guess” the other girl speaks again.
- “You only say that because you’ve been that lucky once, Mel” Tristan says, causing us all to giggle and her to stick out her tongue. I giggle.
Then I look back at this guy Zach, and suddenly he looks this way, making me act as if I was looking at someone else. But out of the corner of my eye I notice that he looks away again and I turn my attention back at him. Everyone I’ve met today has been so nice to me, and everyone else seems to be as well, but this guy seriously creep me out. 

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