I Got You

Alone in New York, trying to follow her dreams in being a famous photographer much like Kait Robinson, Eleanor Jack made the most of her new living conditions with her Godmother Tracey.

She was a new student at NYU to be a journalist but really, photgraphy was her passion. She meets Max, a man who makes her life in NY just that little bit better.


2. Chapter Two

It’s been a month since I met Max and honestly he has been amazing! He’s taken me to so many different places to help with my photography and at the end of everyday with him he’d take me for dinner then take me home. And yes I admit I am definitely starting to develop a major crush on him…

“Wake up!” a familiar voice yelled jumping on my bed. I groaned grabbing the covers and pulling it over my head. “Is that how you say good morning to your best friend?” the voice said making me open my eyes to see Tayla sitting next to me. “Oh my gosh! Tay!” I screamed attacking her with a hug, “What are you doing here?” “You really think I’d miss my best friends 21st birthday?” she grinned handing me a box, “Happy birthday El.” I opened the box to see the most beautiful rose gold watch. “Tay I love it. Thank you.” I smiled hugging her blinking back tears.

“Happy birthday El.” Tracey said pulling me into a hug and handing me another box as I sat down at the table. I opened the box to see a pair of heels that I have been eyeing for so long. “How did you know?” I asked admiring them. “I told her.” a deep voice said. I looked up to see Max walking out the kitchen with stacks and stacks of pancakes. My favourite. I got up hugging Tracey again. “Happy birthday beautiful.” Max said as he pulled me into a hug. At least he thinks I’m beautiful 10 minutes after waking up.

“So what are your plans for today?” Tracey asked as I stuffed my mouth with Nutella pancakes. “Actually I thought of taking El and Tayla to a club tonight.” Max said grinning at me. “Oh my gosh that will be so much fun!” Tay squealed grabbing my arm. “What time will we go?” I asked trying to release Tayla's death grip on my arm. “How about 7?” Max smiled at us. I nodded my head looking at Tayla to see if she was okay with it and she was already upstairs. “El when you're done get you're ass up here.” Tayla yelled from my room. 

I quickly finished my pancakes saying goodbye to Max before heading upstairs to see Tayla rummaging around her suitcase. “Tay, its like 8 in the morning we have the whole day.” I laughed plonking myself down on the bed. “El, its almost one.” she giggled pointing to the clock up on my wall, “We were downstairs for like 2 hours.” “So what are we going to do in 6 hours?” I asked watching her run to my cupboard comparing a top with different bottoms. “Well I need about 2 hours to do our hair and make up and we need to shower and everything so shower at half past 3 to wash your hair and shave.” she said.

“So what do we do for two and a half hours?” I asked not understanding why she was running around my room. “Well we have to decide on clothes because once our hair and make up is done we only have 15 minutes to get dressed before Max arrives and then 15 minutes for Trac to take photos.” She said motioning for me to help her. I sighed and sat on the floor in front of her suitcase looking at different outfit options


5 and a half hours later Tay and I were standing in front of Tracey's massive mirror in her room admiring ourselves. Tayla was wearing a blue leather brallette with a highwaisted black leather skirt and fishnet stockings. Her blue hair was done in a cute up style and she did her make up with a simple winged eyeliner and false eyelashes that looked so natural and to finish it off this amazing blue lipstick. She wore my platform high heel boots, her velvet chocker matched with a long chain that fell between her boobs and she finished her outfit with a Saint Laurent bag that she got for her 21st.

I was wearing this pink plunge brallette that I bought from River Island a few weeks ago with Tayla's denim highwaisted jeans that were ripped at the knees. I wore the heels Tracey bought me, the watch Tay gave me, my cute rose gold stud earrings and my rose quartz double chain necklace from Michael Kors. Tayla tied my hair up in a half pony that she said Khloe Kardashian wears and she finished it off with a cute little tiara. She did this gorgeous black glitter eye shadow with a metallic pink lipgloss.

We looked hot.

“Girls Max is here.” Tracey yelled and thats when I felt the billion butterflies erupt in my stomach making me feel nauseous. Tayla obviously noticed my sudden nervousness when she grabbed my hand squeezing it, “You look hot El, he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you! Or his hands.” she winked making me blush.

“You girls look incredible.” Tracey said as we got down stairs. I blushed avoiding eye contact with Max. “Okay lets do a few photos then you kids can go.” Tracey grinned running to the kitchen grabbing her camera. I felt a arm wrap around my waist. I looked up to see Max looking down at me. “You look so sexy.” Max whispered in my ear leaving a soft kiss on my neck. I blushed moving away when I heard Tayla giggle.


We made our way to the front of the line because Max apparently put us on the guest list so we could go straight to the front. Max lead the way and Tay and I trailed behind. “Girl, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you.” Tayla whispered making me nudge her. “I’m serious girl you should have seen his face. His eyes lingered on your boobs and ass for a while but damn he was impressed. I did a good job.” she giggled. I sighed looking at Max as he spoke to the bouncer pointing to me and Tayla. He looked at me and winked making me blush. “You are so lucky girl.” Tayla squealed, “Tonight, I am getting drunk and finding me a man.” she giggled walking off as we entered the club leaving me with Max.

Max took my hand intwining our fingers leading us to the bar to get a drink. “To El, happy birthday.” he smiled and we downed our first shot of tequila for the night. After the next two we both had a buzz and he pulled me to the middle of the dance floor. I looked around to see Tayla grinding on a really cute guy who had his hands on her hips. I giggled at my best friend. We weren't here for half an hour and she already has a man for the night.

I felt Max put his hands on my hips pulling me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we danced to the music. He pressed his forehead against mine and looked into my eyes. I licked my lips slightly making his eyes flick between my lips and my eyes. “Kiss me Max.” I whispered and before I knew it his lips were on mine. I closed my eyes pulling him closer to me. He licked my bottom lip asking for entrance which I granted him. Our tongues rubbed against each other making me moan softly and tug on the ends of his hair.

He pulled away leaving me breathless. He smirked at me putting his head in the crook of my neck. “I would take you right here.” he whispered before he started kissing my neck. “Max, stop.” I giggled, “You can have me later. Just dance with me.” And thats what he did. He danced with me all night, his hands low on my hips and my back to his chest.


“El, I’ll meet you back at Tracey’s tomorrow.” Tayla whispered in my ear then left with the guy she was dancing with earlier. “Should we go?” Max whispered in my ear and I nodded. He took my hand leading me outside and to his car. “My place or yours?” he asked as we got in the car. “Yours.” I grinned leaning over and leaving a kiss on his neck. He nodded taking my hand and driving off to his apartment which happened to be at his uncles hotel and the very top floor.

“Wow.” I said as he lead me into his apartment. The one wall had floor length windows allowing you to see the whole of New York. There was a feature in the middle of the room that consisted of a fire place and tv. There was a black fluffy carpet with a glass coffee table and two black leather couches. To the left of that was the kitchen. There were white and black cabinets with a wooden table extending from the wall. I walked to where the tv was and opened the glass doors that goes out onto the balcony. There was a small pool in the corner and on the other side was one of those swinging benches. I walked to the railing and stared out into the city. 

I felt Max wrap his arms around my waist and gently kiss my neck. “Lets go upstairs.” he whispered taking my hand and leading me upstairs and straight into the master bedroom. The bedroom and closet was separated by glass doors and a black wall that had a shelf with dvds. There was a tv with two speakers on the side. I walked into his closet seeing suits and fancy shirts and fancy shoes. 

I walked out and walked to the other side of the room and stepped into the most amazing bathroom I have ever seen. Two of the walls were just windows. The one side had cabinets with two sinks and two mirrors. On the other wall was a oval bath that was to die for and opposite that was a huge shower. 

I walked back to Max, and before I could say anything his lips were on mine. I dropped my heels that were in my hand and wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. Max kicked off his shoes and gently lay me on his bed. He pulled away straddling me as he removed my tiara, necklace and watch, never breaking eye contact. I sat up and slowly unbuttoned his shirt exposing his amazingly toned body. He smiled putting his hands on my cheeks and pulling me close to kiss him. I responded immediately as he lay me down again. “Are you sure?” he whispered in my ear as he started kissing my neck. “I’ve never been more sure.” I whispered trailing my hands down his back


I woke up the next morning to an empty bed. I smiled as the events from last night came back to me. I grabbed Max’s shirt from last night putting it on, buttoning it up as I made my way downstairs. I saw Max standing outside with a cup of coffee in his hand. I smiled as I made my way over to him wrapping my arms around his waist kissing between his shoulder blades. 

“Morning beautiful.” he said turning around kissing my forehead, “You look good in my clothing.” “Morning.” I smiled standing on my tip-toes kissing him. “How you feeling?” he asked handing me his coffee allowing me to take a sip. “Never better.” I grinned making him smile.

“So does this mean you’ll be my girlfriend?” he grinned pulling me close resting his hands on my bum. I nodded kissing him again. “If you continue, we going to have a repeat of last night.” he said against my lips. I giggled pulling away, “I am going for a shower.” “In the meantime I’ll go to your place and get you some clothes.” he said kissing my forehead as we went upstairs. Him to change into something decent and me to go shower.


I made my way over to Eleanor’s place to get her some clothes for the rest of the weekend. When I got there I saw Tayla in the kitchen. “Hey Tay.” I said making my way upstairs. “Hey Max. What are you doing here?” she asked following me. “I’m just grabbing some clothes for Eleanor. I hope you don’t mind me stealing her for the weekend?” I asked grabbing a bag and getting Tayla to help me pack stuff because I have no idea what El would wear so I opened a draw and packed El bra’s and panties that impressed me making Tayla laugh.

“Thats okay with me. I’ve actually been waiting to tell her something.” Tayla said packing clothes. “Whats that?” I asked walking into the bathroom packing her important toiletries. “I’m moving here.” she grinned. “El would be so happy. Where are you staying?” I asked zipping up the bag. “Well Tracey said I can stay here.” she smiled but I could see there was something else. “But?” I asked grabbing the bag. “But, Tracey doesn’t want me and El here together because we are really loud and we fight a lot.” she said looking away from me and picking at her nails.

“Don’t worry about that Tay, I actually want to ask El to move in with me. I mean I know it’s been a short while but I really like her and I really see a future with her.” I said blushing. “Trust me Max, I know she feels the same. She really likes you Max. She considers you home. Ask her okay. Then let me know what she says so I can come over and tell her my news.” she grinned and I nodded getting in my car and driving home.


“El, I’m back.” I yelled when I closed the front door. “Here.” she yelled back. I made my way upstairs to see her in the bath. “What happened to showering?” I laughed dropping the bag at the bathroom door. “The bath seemed more relaxing.” she giggled watching me undress and climbing in with her. She moved so I could sit behind her with her back to my chest. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something.” I said as she took my hands in hers. “Whats that baby?” she asked looking at me.

“Move in with me.”


















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