Sucker For Your Thoughts (Rap Monster Love Story)

Eun-Jung lives by herself in a small apartment. She moved away from home once she graduated high school two months back, and works hard to pay for her studio apartment. She's a quiet person who isn't very good at making friends. Not because she does anything wrong she's just not a very social person. Though when she heads to a nearby gas station one night she meets Nam-Joon, or as his friends call him rap monster. He is like her, with a frown on his face that doesn't seem to budge. She doesn't understand why but she wants to change that and make his frown go away. Though as she gets closer to him she quickly learns the reason why. Will she be able to forget the horrible things from her past and move forward or will she never let herself get close to anyone and fall in love.


1. Chapter 1


"Today is the day" I whisper to myself as I enter the gas station parking lot. My knees shake as I get out of the car. I stand still for a second trying to will my legs to stop shaking. I mad m way through the doors, glancing at him for only a moment, glad he was wit a customer and wasn't glancing my way. I would have lost my nerve already. I touched the sucker sitting in my pocket for a moment for courage. The sucker I planned to give to the person that hadn't left my mind since I had come in here or the first time a couple weeks ago.


 I glance at Ram-Joon once more before rummaging through the food options. Gas stations never had much options though to be honest I wasn't even hungry. I just needed an excuse to come and see him again. Something about him caught my eye when I came in here or the first time a couple weeks ago. I think it was his frown. The one he wears most of the time. It reminds me of mine. He holds the same broken one that I have carried for years. I know that's a weird reason to come back but it was why I did. Almost everyday the last two weeks. The reason being that I wanted to see if I could make him smile. That I could make that horrible frown leave his face. Maybe then he would notice me. Want to be friends. I know I could try to make friends with anyone but he's different. He is the first person in a long time to seem like he can understand how it feels to feel consumed by they're past.


 I studied him each day that I came in after work. The only time he ever seemed to smile was when one of his friends came in or he was sucking on a sucker he would bring in with him each day. I don't know why but he loved them. Every chance he got he had one. I touched the one in my pocket again, a growing habit that I've gained in the last few days. Still trying to gain enough nerve to give it to him. I found a random sub and waited for the only other customer in the store to make their way to the register while grabbing a drink. I stood in line behind them, glancing at Ram-Joon. He is earing a beanie like usual, his dyed blonde hair peaking out from under it a bit. He's wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. I take in a breath as the guy in front of me pays him and leaves. His eyes fall on me and I hurry to put my stuff on the counter. He stares at me out of the corner of his eye while he rings up the stuff I got.


  "That will be $9.85" He grumbles and I pull out my wallet, handing him the money.


  "Thank you" I say as he hands me my stuff, after bagging it.


 He stares at me confused when I don't walk away. My heartbeat picks up as my hand edges to my pocket again. For a moment I feel my courage waver but I push it aside. No. I won't go home a failure again. I can do this. I will do this. I reach into my pocket and pull out the sucker not giving myself a chance to back out. I reach it out to him and he looks even more confused now but takes it from my out stretched hand his fingers brushing mine. I give him the best smile I can muster and turn to leave. I don't look back until I'm outside. His eyes are on the sucker and my heart nearly jumps out of my chest when he puts the sucker in his mouth and the smallest of smiles creeps onto his face.

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