(I love the story Crank and so I've written this in a similar style but about a different struggle with adrenaline.)

William ran away from his home to start a new life but with becoming someone else he meets Red , a girl who brings him under into a new world.


7. Rain, Rain, Go Away. Please Don't Pour On Me

 The clouds vibrated lightning, 

Air is so chilly it's sometimes frightening. 

Too chilly for fall.     

Leaves are under my boots,

Worn down leather boots,

Rain brushed then bounced,

I hurried inside for work. 

New rule don't leave home without a coat.  

Megan greeted me,

I mumbled sounds,

Awkward sounds.


That's when she was back,

Back from wherever she demoted time,

Precious time,

Time of the red head. 

She did it again,

Twirled her bangs,

Pretty blue eyes she has,



"Do you have cigs?" she spoke. 

"No, sorry Red."





Watch her leave into the rain,

Small drops of cold,

Meanwhile I begin to stock,

Restock items for money,

Money for food.

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