(I love the story Crank and so I've written this in a similar style but about a different struggle with adrenaline.)

William ran away from his home to start a new life but with becoming someone else he meets Red , a girl who brings him under into a new world.


16. I Am Wave

My phone rang,

It stopped me,

It made me freeze.

Then I remembered courage. 

Answering I breathed in slowly. 

"William where the hell are you? Why don't you

answer Your damn phone?"

"I didn't want to speak to you."

"What the hell man?" His voice was shaky.

"You can't expect me to care at

this point Mike."

"Man We've been best friends

since seventh grade..."

"I know but I just need space."

"Space? Is that what you call leaving

college in the middle of the night and

running away to God knows where?"

"I don't expect you to understand."

I gritted my teeth.

"I understand that you took the punches

and now you're avoiding the problem Will."

"It's Wave."

"What?" He sounded confused. 

"My name is Wave."


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