Their Puppet (Creepypasta x reader)

(Y/n) (L/n)
The girl with with two eye colors.
She does everything anyone told her to. She got bullied cause of it, Abused, made fun of and beaten but still does whatever someone told her to.
She would protect everyone anytime, get hurt for them, die for them.
She was their puppet...


1. Though her eye


(Y/n) (L/n) was everyone's puppet. But one thing she never did was take off her black eyepatch. If someone asked she would say it was sensitive and couldn't handle the sun. Anyway like a puppet would, she did anything her 'Masters' told her to. People made fun of her because of her perfect scores, but she never stopped them. She thought she was worthless, a wast of time and space. The more people that bullied her made her more fearless, depressed, and emotionless she became.


Morning came with the sun and shone brightly through the window of a fellow girl, (Y/n) (L/n) the 15 year old girl under her dark bed sheets with a (E/c) orb closed in sleep. Stirring lightly the girl yawned, stretching her arms over her head before letting them drop to the soft mattress.

Signing she drapped her legs over the edge of the bed, letting them hit the cold wood of the floor before looking over at the clock, which read 6:15, School started at 7:10 she had time.

Walking over to the dark wood closet she grabbed a grey tank top, black and red plaid long sleeved over-top with blue jeans. Slowly she walked over to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror and signed at her eyes. One a beautiful (E/c) the other a dark Red-Violet eye. Signing once more she grabbed a black eye-patch from the counter and slipped it on, now fully covering her unnatural eye and brushed her white teeth and brushed her (H/c) hair.

Jogging down the hall she grabbed a Red/yellow/green apple and bit into it, holding it in her mouth and quickly slipping on shoes and shocks. Looking at the time she got up, snatched up her book-bag and ran out the door like her life depended on it to school. 

Among seeing a purple haired girl you ran faster to her, it was a beating she needed cause her boyfriend broke up with her and she pushed you to the cement, scrapping your hands on the tiny rocks.

Valery started kicking her and punching (Y/n) everywhere she could. For her final hit she kicked (Y/n) in the neck, stopping her breathing with a small pool of blood below her smaller frame. With a huff the older girl walked off her mini skirt fluttering and long hair flowing.

With no emotion in her soul she sat up, a small pain in her back, but it could be ignored.....Again...

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