<<c.h.>> Hopefulness

Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,average Aussie,for awhile anyway. Going through high school with each other,they realize their time is running out. Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,her best friend,her crush,her everything,but most importantly,her savior.
I present to you..... <<c.h.>> Hopefulness
(Cover made by: Beautifully Music Nerd)
*Some Chapters include Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts and Actions*


9. -9- Back Then

Michael and I stand in the sun as everyone else is eating pizza inside.  

"Does Luke know?" Michael asks me.

"Not that I know of." I say.

"And Calum was confused,so I doubt that he knows." Michael adds and I nod. 

"Look,that asshole is not gonna be anywhere near you anymore. He was a complete-" Michael stops and watches something behind me. I turn and wish I hadn't. 

"Kayla! Hey!" His voice reminds me of the past. 

"Leave her alone,Brent." Michael defends. 

Brent laughs. "I'm not gonna do anything. When have I anyway?" He asks. He's gotten taller. 

"When you were a fucking asshole. She won't trust anyone now." Michael says.  

"I'm sure I can't remember what I must've done to do that to my dear Kayla," Brent replies then turns to me. "So,how's life?" He asks and I completely want to melt.   

"G-good. I've missed y-you." I answer,all giddy. 

"What? Kayla,what are you saying?" Michael asks. 

The pizza place's door opens and a bell rings. 

"I've missed you,too. Hey,homecoming is just around the corner." Brent says and his chocolately brown eyes are just bringing me in.

"She's going with me." Calum's voice rings in my ears. I look over my shoulder to see Luke and Calum. 

The door swings open again and Aerianna and Chelsea come rushing out at the sight of my ex-boyfriend. 

"Brent,why are you talking to Kayla?" Chelsea asks.

"Leave him alone." I say. 

Aerianna and Chelsea's mouths drop open.

"Hey. Sisters,right? And two of you,I know are friends. But,uh,who's that?" Brent asks,pointing to Calum. 

"Calum Hood." I say. 

"So,you have a boyfriend?" Brent asks,biting his lip.

"N-no." I say. Michael grabs my arm and pulls me to the side.  

"What is up with you?" He asks,his eyes searching my face. 

"He didn't really do anything that bad." I reply. 

Michael's mouth drops open. "Kayla,he fucking cheated on you." 

"He was a freshman at the time. He's a sophomore now,way more responsible." I answer.


I sit in my bedroom with Aerianna sitting beside me. 

"He cheated on you,remember?" She asks,as we stare at the picture. I nod. "And you still like him?" She asks.

"Aerianna,I don't know. He's an asshole but he's just soooo cute." I reply.

"You have Calum." She tells me.  

"I know."

There's a knock at the door. It's Mom. "Hey,Calum's here. I'll let him down here,okay?" She asks,smiling and I nod. 

Aerianna gets up and leaves my room. Mom and Calum show up and Calum sits down beside me on my bed. Mom leaves and Calum looks at me. 

"Who is that?" He asks,pointing to Brent in the picture.  

"My ex-boyfriend." I answer.

"Kayla,what happened today?" He asks. 

I look at him. "It's happened every time. He comes around,I fall for him,he leaves and....I'm sorry."

"Why does nobody...like your sisters and Michael,like him?" 

"He cheated on me last year,so I broke up with him." 

Cal nods. "We're going to homecoming together,right?" I nod,smiling.


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