<<c.h.>> Hopefulness

Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,average Aussie,for awhile anyway. Going through high school with each other,they realize their time is running out. Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,her best friend,her crush,her everything,but most importantly,her savior.
I present to you..... <<c.h.>> Hopefulness
(Cover made by: Beautifully Music Nerd)
*Some Chapters include Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts and Actions*


7. -7- Ashton Irwin

Aerianna sighs,staring out of the window,plastered with raindrops,as Chelsea drives us to our Dad's house. 
"I'm not used to having the roof up," Chelsea tries to joke. No one laughs. Chelsea knows these are depressing trips,every month. Chelsea turns up the radio and then decides to turn it off instead. 
We pull into our dad's driveway and sit there for a second. 
Chelsea takes out her keys and turns around to face me. Aerianna lifts up her head. Chelsea takes my hand and squeezes it,before taking one of Aerianna's. "Lets try and forget the past few days,and everything that happened between Mom and Dad." She tells us and we all get out of the car. We each grab our bags,Chelsea's pink,Aerianna's purple,and mine is baby blue. We run to the porch and I ring the doorbell. Soon,Dad opens up the door and I see one of my brothers,Lucas,standing behind Dad. His faces lights up at the sight of the three of us. We step in,taking off our shoes,and the door closes behind us. Lucas hugs us and suddenly our other brother,Eric slides into the room on the hardwood floor. He hugs us too. Dad smiles. 
Lucas leads me up to my bedroom in the new house. As we climb the stairs,he asks me, "How's softball? Is Lily still catcher? You're still pitching,right?" 
I laugh. "It's good. Lily and I have been in those positions forever." 
He smiles. "Eric and I missed you and the other two. How's being a freshman?" He asks. 
"It's good." I half-lie. 
"Well,I bet Chelsea is having a grand old time being a senior. I hated that year." We laugh. He opens a door to reveal a coral walled room. 
"Thanks." I say and set my bag down. 
We go back down to the living room and Eric slides up to me. "Look at my rc car!" He says,excitedly and pushes a joystick on a controller,bringing a remote controlled car swerving toward us. 
"Cool! How's sixth grade?" 
We have a large age gap in our family. Lucas was born when my parents were 19,then Chelsea when they were 21,Aerianna when they were 22,me at 24,and then Eric at a whopping 28. 
"It's super hard." Eric frowns. Lucas and I laugh and Chelsea and Aerianna walk over.
My phone buzzes as we are talking in the living room. I find a text from Calum. Eric leans over and reads the name out loud before I pull my phone away. 
"Calum Hood. Who's that?" Eric asks. 
Chelsea shakes her head,smiling to herself. 
"He's one of my best friends." I reply. I text him that I'm at my dad's house. Lucas grins. 
"You like him?" He asks and I shrug. 
"As a friend,yeah." Aerianna shoots me an unseen thumbs up. My dad laughs. 
The doorbell rings. 
"Who could that be?"Lucas asks. 
Dad gets up. "I bet it's Ashton." 
"Again?" Eric asks and Dad shrugs before opening the door,revealing a blonde straightened haired boy with a beanie. 
"Sorry,again,Mr. Carter,but could we borrow some tools again? My bike broke down." He asks. 
Lucas leans in,and all my sibling and I do too. "That's Ashton Irwin,our neighbor. He and his family borrow stuff all the time." 
"Hey! Are these your daughters?" The three of us wave and Dad nods,handing over his toolbox. 
I open the door and Ashton is standing there with the red toolbox in his hand. "Oh,hey. This is your dad's." He tells me and hands it to me. 
I smile and take it. I notice drumsticks in his other hand. I point to them,remembering that the guys need a drummer. 
"Hey,my friends are starting a band. They need a drummer." I say. 
"Really?" I nod. 
"Yeah. Their facebook is 5 Seconds of Summer. You could ask them on there." I smile and he does too. 
"Thanks. I was looking for a band to join." He waves before turning away to walk to his house. I close the door and nod to myself.

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