<<c.h.>> Hopefulness

Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,average Aussie,for awhile anyway. Going through high school with each other,they realize their time is running out. Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,her best friend,her crush,her everything,but most importantly,her savior.
I present to you..... <<c.h.>> Hopefulness
(Cover made by: Beautifully Music Nerd)
*Some Chapters include Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts and Actions*


2. -2- Band Talk

"Listen,Freshman,back off the new guy. He's mine." Chelsea tells me after my practice. "Honestly,I don't like him." I lie. 
She rolls her eyes. "Better be true,Kayla." She shoves past me through the front door. I sigh and Aerianna puts her hand on my shoulder as we walk. 
"As long as you and I can keep a secret,you're good." She smiles. 
"Aerianna,how?" I ask. 
She shrugs. "For one thing,you two are in the same grade,so same lunch. Which also means Chelsea doesn't have your lunch period. Also,Chelsea doesn't have classes with you and him. Plus,isn't she dating Wesley?" I nod. "Okay,so there's some things. Andddd,she will be going off to college soon. She got accepted,remember?" I smile. "Right! Thanks,Aerianna." 
"No problem. I've had experience with her." We giggle.
"So,do you like anyone?" Michael,one of my friends,asks me as we eat lunch. I shrug. "Maybe." I say and I notice Calum walking toward the table. 
"Hey,mind if I sit here?" He asks and I look at Michael. 
"Sure," Michael says. "I'm Michael Clifford." 
Calum nods. "I'm Calum. Kayla showed me around yesterday." I nod. 
"Hey,so,Luke is gonna sit with us today." Michael tells me and I smile. 
"That means Calum can meet him!" I say. Calum smiles. 
"Yeah,me and Luke are forming a band." Michael  adds. 
Calum's eyes light up. "What do you guys play?" Calum asks and Luke walks over. "Luke and I play gutiar." Michael tells Cal. 
"Oh,I'm Calum. You must be Luke." Calum says and Luke nods. 
"I am." Luke takes a bite of pasta. 
I pick up my soggy pizza slice and take a bite,then I put it down. "Can you play an instrument,Calum?" I ask. 
"Yeah,I can play acoustic guitar and I'm working on bass." Calum answers. 
"You wanna join the band?" Michael asks. 
Calum considers. "Sure. I just need to unpack my house stuff first." Calum says and we all laugh a bit. 


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