<<c.h.>> Hopefulness

Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,average Aussie,for awhile anyway. Going through high school with each other,they realize their time is running out. Kayla Carter,average Aussie,meets Calum Hood,her best friend,her crush,her everything,but most importantly,her savior.
I present to you..... <<c.h.>> Hopefulness
(Cover made by: Beautifully Music Nerd)
*Some Chapters include Suicidal/Depressed Thoughts and Actions*


14. -14- Choices

Brent lifts up my chin and smiles,before leaning in. Someone pulls me and Brent apart. 

"This dance is over! Kayla,we're going home." Calum insists. 

"Go get Chelsea then." I reply and Calum shakes his head. But Ash ends up getting her. 

Brent whispers, "Wanna get back together? You got my number." Then he leaves. 

Michael grabs me by my arms and looks me in the eye. "You came here with Calum. You two didn't even dance together. Listen,Brent's not worth it." 

I sigh and Calum takes my hand as Chelsea and Aerianna come marching over to us with Ashton. 

"What the hell is going on? I was doing perfectly fine with Wes." Chelsea complains. 

"Kayla has had a night." Calum says and Chelsea's glare shifts to me. 

"You can have an even better night then." Chelsea tells me and turns on her heel,flipping her curled hair,before strutting off. 

Aerianna rolls her eyes at Chelsea,then walks back to her date. 


I stand in my bedroom,with an angry Chelsea and Aerianna staring at me and Lily.

"Why would you two even do that?" Aerianna asks.

"We fell for his trap." Lily answers,her face flushed.

"Yeah,guys,please,leave us al-" 

"No,Kayla,cause guess what? Once Lucas hears this-once Dad hears this-he'll be disappointed in you. And you don't want that,do you?" Chelsea asks.

"If you guys tell on us,we'll just have to tell him who stole Mom's-"

"Okay,we won't tell." Aerianna cracks. 

"You still hurt Michael and Calum." Chelsea states.

"I'll be damned if they still want to date you." Aerianna adds. 

"Come,Aerianna." Chelsea says before leaving my bedroom.

The door closes after Aerianna leaves.

"That was a close one." Lily sighs and I nod.

"I hope the guys can forgive us." I reply.

"You still like Calum?" She asks.

"Yeah. I don't even like Brent until I'm around him." 



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