My Oral Essay of My Whole Grade 7 Year (ON HOLD)

"OK class. Listen up!" Miss. Jackson, my history teacher said. the class groaned, they knew, like i knew, if Miss. Jackson says that to catch our attention than we were going to get a huge assignment. We all had heard ether by our older siblings, older friends, or were in her class last year to, just for a different subject. "starting from today, to the last Monday of the school year, you will write an essay. Don't look so discouraged, it will not be an written essay, it will be an oral essay, so in fact you do have to write but your basically only going to be writing a script or scarp book." people tried protesting, it was only the first week of school, but Miss. Jackson waved them down. "this will be your only class period for this oral history project so i suggest you start with today now." i signed and started writing.


7. just a pic...

Just a pic...



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