My Oral Essay of My Whole Grade 7 Year (ON HOLD)

"OK class. Listen up!" Miss. Jackson, my history teacher said. the class groaned, they knew, like i knew, if Miss. Jackson says that to catch our attention than we were going to get a huge assignment. We all had heard ether by our older siblings, older friends, or were in her class last year to, just for a different subject. "starting from today, to the last Monday of the school year, you will write an essay. Don't look so discouraged, it will not be an written essay, it will be an oral essay, so in fact you do have to write but your basically only going to be writing a script or scarp book." people tried protesting, it was only the first week of school, but Miss. Jackson waved them down. "this will be your only class period for this oral history project so i suggest you start with today now." i signed and started writing.


5. 5

DEDICATION GOES TO....... DRUM ROLL PLESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......



DaizyStar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!


from now on, at the end of the chapter i will have a question, and who ever answers first and correct, IS THE WINNER!!! (but all you get is a chapter dedicated to you.)


Hannah: OK Haz, where should we start for the report?

Hazel: i think, we should start a-

Mia Smarts: I think you two should do it together, and start at the first day of school.

editors note: yes it is true, i have no idea from where in the world Mia popped out of. 

Hannah: Where in to world did you come from?!

Mia: Oh I saw MJ walking past looking confused so i came in to ask you what you did to the poor teacher.

Hazel: she was confused because we wouldn't tell her what the THING is.

editors note: we all shudder every time someone says the THING.

Mia: Can we go to MY house and talk about this, suprising as it is, it gives me the creeps to stay in the school alone when there's no teacher around. 

Hannah: I'm down.

Hazel: One second, let me look at my agenda, I think I have a movie night planned for today. So, no sleepovers. what about the rest of the SS? 

Mia: I'll go ask, Irene is in art, Jordan, and Drew are in math, right?

editors note: its after school Smarts. They will be on there way home. 

Hannah: go look in your agenda Haz, i'll pack our stuff and meet the squad at the back 'S' entry. 

Hazel: kk gurl. bey!

Mia: bey!

editors note: me and Haz don't share lockers, me and Jordan do, the whole squad is in one class this year. when I walked up to my locker a VERY ugly surprise was waiting for me.

Hannah: What. Are. You. Doing. At. My. Locker. Parker?!

Isabelle Parker, most uglyest (and thats not even a word!!!) person in the world, who thinks she is so popular. Aka: my enemy: Waiting for you, remember, your going to be torturing me on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Hannah: For what??

Ugly Parker: for french, duh.

Hannah: why I never said that.

editors note: it was very hard to keep my temper.

Ugly Parker: Mme. Lemione did. 

Hannah: I'll totur you whenever i have time, not when Mme. Lemione says. Now, my Monday before schools, are free, see me at the local comunity center at 7:00 am sharp. Move from my locker I have some where to be. 

Ugly Parker: okay.

editors note: she FINNALY moved aside. I took out my things. Than I got Haz and Mia's things. I put the messanger bag around my neck and put a backpacks on each arm. With little struggle, i walked over to the 'S' entrance.

editors note: See MJ?! I do have musles!

Mia: Jordan and Drew already left but there heading to my house, Irene is in are club. she is going to come after she is done around 4. 

Hannah: I knew it. 





THE QUESTION(S) IS.............. 


What is a seven letter word that contains thousands of letters?

2. mr. Smith has 4 daughters, each of them has a brother, how many children do mrs. and mr. Smith have?


if you can answer both you will get 2 chapters dedicated to you. when i get commented the right answer, i will upload the next chapter with didication first and a question on the end.



















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