No String attached (a marionette x reader story)

Where did she go! If Golden Freddy got her I'm gonna rip him to shreads. Wait I can hear her. She's talking to, Toy Freddy? What is going on here?


1. Left for dead

>marionette's pov<

"Hi!" I greeted the black and white animatronic that popped out of the box at me. He handed me a small box wrapped in black and white paper. I ripped it open carefully, I liked the paper. Inside was a plush toy of my favorite animatronic, Puppet! "Thanks Puppet!" I shouted happily. Then I felt a rough hand that looked purple grab my shoulder. I turned when the person holding my shoulder shoved something into my stomach. The purple man laughed crazily.

"Happy Birthday." He said into my ear as I started to fall. I couldn't breathe. I could feel my heart pound frantically trying to pump blood to the places I was wounded. I gasped for breath. I could feel my eyes closing but I forced them open. 

I'm gonna die. The thought hit me like a 2x4. I allowed my eyes to shut then, unable to hold them open.


"Freddy! The old night guard got to another one! He looks alive!" A female voice called through the fog. I forced my eyes open enough to see one of the animatronics bent over me. I cough up blood, covering her. She didn't  seem to care. "He's alive but barely." She said lower this time.

"Well, then get him a suit! We can't just let him die." The one I think was Freddy answered. I barely felt the animatronic above me pick me up. She carried me somewhere in the room as my eyes shut again. 

There was a rustling then I felt my bones break as I was shoved into something. It didn't hurt though. Then I left the human world behind forever.


I slowly began to feel myself again, but something was different. For one I could feel gears and wires in place of my organs, and I had a lot longer body. That's when I opened my eyes to my new life...

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