Stolen Heart

15 year old Natalie Cuno was raised with a thief after being found my one while he were out on a 'hunt' and took her in to be his own so he raised her to be a pro thief.
17 year old Cole Lieone is a prince of Mainlan, he is unaware to the danger outside his window...


2. My days with Shi

Clanks of iron from behind made me run faster, clutching a brown leather bag to my chest. The royal guards were at it again just because i stole some golden coins and ruby's and diamonds. Crazy right? Maybe some bread and meat but they get those all the time!

I never talked because people could identify my voice and tell the guards.

I ran into the woods, that's when the guards stopped chasing me. A rumor says the woods are full of evil and deadly animals, they weren't wrong. I in fact, made friends with them. But, i had one 'small' friend who always met me at the twenty seventh tree. His name was Shi, meaning Death in Japanese. Shi didn't belong in the woods. He was a Panther. A  dead panther. Shi was a pitch black panther with red eyes, black claws far to long and fangs to match. Shi had skin and fur peeling of his body with blood spilling from his eyes. Shi's tail was....Not normal at all. It had a triangle shape, like a knife, it was a knife and black knife in his tail used as a weapon.

"Shi!" I called out and the Black monster jumped from the 27th tree in front of me, growling before I tapped his forehead making him sit like a well trained dog.

"It was the guards again boy. But, i did get dinner and money." i said as i walked farther into the woods seeing more dead animals around like Zombies. Shi was on my heels and popped me on his back.

"Easy Shi." I rubbed his neck in a soothing manner as a small stone made cabin appeared before us. It was fairly small but it worked for me and Shi, some of the other animals would come and go but it was mostly me and Shi here by ourselves. When we got to the door Shi nudged it with his nose and made a weird whining sound. That kinda was a sign for me to open the old wood door, so I did. As the door opened it made a 'creeeeeaaak' sound as if it were a Horror movie making me sign. Reminder, fix the door. Anyways Shi walked in his large paws making the wood creak softly but still loud enough to hear.

"Shi, did you already hunt?" I asked the dead animal as i climbed off his back another creak below my shoes. The said panther wrapped his tail around my wrist and pulled me towards the kitchen were dead rabbits, mice, and other small once alive animals now dead and bleeding on my kitchen counter.

"Good. What should we make? Soup?" I asked getting a tall pot from a rack that hung above my head holding frying pans, cooking tools etc. I looked over my shoulder at Shi to see he was getting settled on the floor behind me. I shrugged my shoulders and gently nudged him with my foot, making him shoot up and on his feet looking at me for a command.

"Chill Shi, I just need you to fetch some water from the pound a little away okay?" I laughed and put the pot in his mouth "Not to much water okay?" Shi nodded and bounded away strangely, out the window.

Okay until Shi gets back i guess i'll just skin the animals. I signed and grabbed some gloves, the clear ones, and slipped then on with a small difficulty and a butcher knife and started skinning. This will be a while.......

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