Stolen Heart

15 year old Natalie Cuno was raised with a thief after being found my one while he were out on a 'hunt' and took her in to be his own so he raised her to be a pro thief.
17 year old Cole Lieone is a prince of Mainlan, he is unaware to the danger outside his window...


1. Info

Okay guys, this is NOT a chapter but i am telling you some things about this book. So i ma writing many books at a time and my friend Ross is telling me it's not healthy and i'll get real Stressed over this. Truth be told, it's Thanksgiving night so i just wanna write a bit of this and i'll shut up about this thing of nothing that i'm still writing.

Anyways this book will be in my POV so it's kinda like the character is me in it, so im using a name i really like so i'm not saying my real name and crap ya know? But I will say what i look like kinda, a small look in it. Sorry if this is bad, im not a good writer.....Next chapter will be a chapter so be happy!

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