The Witch of the Half-Bloods and Hunters

Severus Snape's daughter, adopted by Dean Winchester, Cas, Hera, and Poseidon, is the favorite sibling of Percy and is best friends with Nico. A lot going on in her life, right?


2. The Sorting

The first of September rolled around right at the end of my week with Winchesters and company. Since I forgot the time difference, Cas (I call him Papa) had to fly Dad and I to Hogwarts. Turns out we arrived in the middle of the sorting ceremony, standing right in the middle of the Great Hall.

“Who might you be?” Dumbledore asked standing up with that really creepy twinkle in his eyes that is meant to make you trust him, allowing him to get away with all of his manipulations. Daddy doesn’t like him.

“She is Tiffany Anne Mary Andromeda Winchester Jackson Snape. They are two of her adopted fathers, Dean Winchester and his boyfriend, Castiel. Hunter and Angel of the Lord respectively.” Daddy said standing and moving towards us. He pulled me into a hug. “Hello little one. Enjoy your week?”

“I did Daddy. Missed you though.”

“And I missed you.” He dropped a kiss on the crown of my head, shocking everyone that Severus Snape has emotions and can care for someone. “Do you have your wand?” Asking as he was not with us when we collected my supplies.

“Yep! Beech, Ebony, and Cedar woods, with a core of angel tears, demon blood, pegasus feather, and unicorn hair, at a length of eight and three quarters inches, and very bendy. Whatever that means.”

“Impressive.” He glanced up and noticed that everyone else was shocked and not talking or moving. “Well? Continue the sorting!” Dad and Papa both hugged me before leaving in another flutter of wings.

The woman who matched Daddy’s description of Professor McGonagall cleared her throat, pulling everyone’s attention back to her and the sorting. “Granger, Hermione.” Moments later, the Sorting Hat called out. Ravenclaw! This brought out a cheer from the table that was obviously the Ravenclaws. The sorting continued in this manner, until she called out “Winchester Jackson Snape, Tiffany.” I stepped forward and accepted the hat, dropping it on my head as I did so.

Well, well, well. I have been expecting you, Ms. Snape.

That isn’t creepy at all. I deadpanned. And it’s Tiffany.

Tiffany, then. I see you share your father’s sense of humor.

Yeah, well, when you have the King of Snark as your Daddy, the great Persassy Jackson for your older brother, and the King of Hell as your Uncle, you develop a very dry sense of humor.

That is true. King of Snark? Really?


Shall we continue, then?

At your leisure.

Hmm...lets see...Bravery of the Lions, definitely. You wouldn’t have survived as a Hunter or a Demigod if you weren’t.

Not the Lions.

Hmm...yes I don’t believe you would do well there. You are too guarded with your emotions.

I have to be. Do you know how many times I have seen my Dad, Papa, Uncle Sam, Percy, and Nico almost dead?

That is true. Now, you have the intelligence of a Raven. Of course you have two of the best supernatural researchers as your Grandfather and Uncle, along with millennia old angels and demons as Aunts and Uncles.

Not the Ravens. I have Dyslexia as it is.

Yes, your mind became hardwired to Ancient Greek and Latin when you were adopted by two gods. You have the loyalty of a Badger, but only to those you view as family, yet you will defend the innocent with your life if it came to that.

Two words. Dad and Percy.

Hmm...yes your family has an unhealthy habit of being martyrs. That only leaves the Snakes. You have little ambition, you are cunning, but not in the stereotypical way. You are far more subtle than any Slytherin since Salazar himself.

I have Demons for Aunts and Uncles. What do you expect. Deadpan

True, true.

Have you decided?

Hmm...I do believe I have. A few pieces of advice before I reveal your house.

Go on.

Do not, under any circumstances, trust the Headmaster.

I don’t anyway.

Next, Neville Longbottom, Lion, Hermione Granger, Raven, and Draco Malfoy, Snake, would all benefit from your attention.

All right. I will make sure I run into them and see what I can do to help.

Good. The Weasley Twins are in the possession of something made by the Marauders and your mother, it is called the Marauders Map and it contains the entirety of the Castle and surrounding grounds and tracks the location of all students. This could be of great use to you.

They are the twin red heads, right?

Yes. And finally, the Forest is crawling with Monsters. You may wish to keep your skills sharp using them.

Thank you for the advice. Now, before you relieve them of their suspense, may I know what your name is? It is kind of weird calling someone ‘Mr. Hat.’

You may call me Alistar, Tiffany.

Thank you. I hope to speak with you again someday.

Likewise, Lady Tiffany. Slytherin!! The last word was shouted out to the entire room. I stood and moved toward the table sitting directly below Daddy, and sat across from a guy with blond hair so bright it almost looked white, and eyes a mercurial silver.

I held my hand out to him. “Hello! I am Tiffany Snape.”

He took my hand at the fingertips, and in the ancient tradition, brushed his lips across my knuckles. “A pleasure, Ms. Snape. I am Draco Malfoy.”

“Please, call me Tiffany.”

“Then you may call me Draco. May I ask...?”

I interrupted. “Why I have so many last names?” I smiled. “I was adopted by a man named Dean Winchester and adopted by a young man named Percy Jackson as his sister. My full name is Tiffany Anne Mary Andromeda Winchester Jackson Snape.”

“That is a mouthful.”

“That it is. But it wouldn’t trade it for anything, as it is a permanent connection to my family and family means everything to me.” Dumbledore interrupted our conversation with four random nonsense words. Really? This is the strongest wizard since Merlin?

As we all began to dig into the food, myself going against the rest of the crowd and grabbed the simpler foods, Draco began introducing the rest of our yearmates. Crabbe and Goyle looked like they didn’t have enough brains between the two of them to add six and two without their fingers, Blaise was an outspoken, really rude guy that I decided reminded me to much of a couple of the really rude angels, Theodore was really shy and seemed to shy away from touch, Pansy reminded me of a really ugly pug, and Daphne had a very obvious emotional mask that I didn’t bother to try to break.

After Dumbledore’s end of feast speech, the Slytherin prefects escorted all eight of us to the common room, where Daddy met us and spoke about the rules. The most important of which is that all Slytherins must present a united front as the other three houses, more specifically the Gryffindor house, dislike us.

As the prefects pointed the others to the dorms, I moved towards my Daddy. I hugged him “Hello again little one. How did your sorting go? You were under there for an abnormally long time.”

“I was just talking to Alistair. The hat. He also gave me some pieces of advice. Did you know the Forest is home to more than a few monsters?”

“I did not. So am I to expect you sneaking out after curfew to go and challenge some unsuspecting monsters?” He asked in a teasing tone with an underlying sense of concern, knowing that I have had difficulties sleeping since I woke up from my week-long coma, especially when I am not with my brothers.

“Most likely. But I will try to keep it to a couple days a week and only after I finish whatever homework I have.”

“Good.” He hugged me. “I love you, little one. Run along to the dorms now, Ok?”

“M’K. Love you too, Daddy.”

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