Games of fear and love

The second story about Amber, Tom and Ben.. First story is called naugthy games.. This one Will have faul language and hard sex, domination and a bit of fetish.

Ambrosia Grace (Amber) is engaged to Tom Hiddleston and Best friends with Benedict Cumberbatch, They have just finished shooting the next season of Sherlock and now it is time to be happy and plan the wedding.
Tom seemed to have beaten his deamons and his career is back on track, but what happens When Amber get a treatening letter ?
Has Tom done something he shouldn't to make another women Think she has a claim on him ? Is there even a stalker ? Or is it all in Ambers own head ?
And how will Ben handle Missy his new mistress ? Is it a healthy relationship for him ? And is Missy hiding something ?


2. "Your are a dirty boy ain't you ?"

 *Ben POV*
 It had been a long day, the last day of filming for the next season of Sherlock, and tomorrow was the big wrap party.
 "Jack Daniels on the rocks thanks". He ordered, sitting down at the bar, he didn't normally drink alone, but Tom wisely didn't drink at all and Martin had hurried home to his family.
 Benedict didn't feel like going home alone to an empty house, and he didn't feel like watching Tom and Amber being all loved up either, so that was why he found himself alone in a bar.
 As he was sipping his drink, he suddenly heard a sultry voice close to him. "A glas of Chardonnay please, the best you got".
 He turned to see a very sexy woman, with dark hair and green eyes sitting two chairs over, she was wearing a tight red dress and red lipstick.
 As she got her wine and started to sip it in a way Benedict found utterly erotic, he couldn't help byt watching her.
 "Have I given you permission to stare at me ?" She snap her head towards him, catching his eyes in her green gaze.
 Benedict feels himself blush slightly, feeling like he got caught doing something bad. "Oh sorry I didn't mean to, I.. Uh just.."
 "Don't you think I can se the lust in your eyes ? Your are a dirty boy ain't you ? Having naughty thoughts about me ?" She purred.
 Now he is blushing violently, looking down and nodding slightly, feeling his cock stir.
 "Sorry I couldn't hear that pet". Her voice i stern and he can feel her eyes burning into him.
 He swallows and wet his lips, he is a bit nervous, how does she know about his sexual preferences ? But he answers anyway. "Yes ma'am, a very dirty boy".
 She empties her glass and puts it down, then she holds out her hand, and he scambled over to grab it and kiss it. "I am Ben ma'am, a pleasure to meet you".
 "I know who you are Ben, I am Missy, but you may call me mistress or ma'am". She slides down from the stool, even in heels she is almost a head shorter than him.
 He watch her swaying hips as she walks towards the door, not really knowing what to do, she turns and look at him. "Well come on pet, don't just stand there".
 Benedict throws enough money on the bar to cover both their drinks, and hurries after her, thinking this might be a stupid idea, but he can't help it.
 "Where is your car parked ?" She turns and look at him as he gets outside the bar.
 Benedict points, wondering again if he is about to make a mistake. "Right over her ma'am".
 As she walks toward his jag, he hurried over to open the door and she sends him a smile before sliding in, making him feel good.
 He gets in the car and starts it, asking in a submissive voice. "Were to mistress ?"
 She gives him an address not far from there and he pulls the car out on the almost deserted street, getting more and more nervous, as well as more excited as they get closer to the address.
 When he stops the car he sees that it is a big victorian house, he hurries over to open her door and follows behind her up the walkway to the big oak door.
 She unlocks the door and walks in, Benedict follows her and closes the door behind them, this is clearly the home of a rich woman. "You have a beautiful home ma'am".
 "Well thank you my pet, now please take of your clothes and kneel by the armchair in the living-room room". She says pointing to a door, then leaving through another door.
 Benedict only hesitated for a few seconds, then he goes in to the living-room, takes of his clothes and kneel by the armchair, waiting for his mistress to return, wondering what the evening might bring.

 He felt like he had been waiting forever when she finally walks in, he kept his eyes lowered, but when she sits down he kan see she is wearing only a black lace corset.
 She has no panties on, and he can't help looking at her pussy, as she sit with her legs apart, she sips from a glass of red wine.
 "A good pet don't look at his mistress pussy without permission, keep you eyes down you filthy boy". She says sternly.
 He looks down, his knees is starting to hurt a bit, but he wont complaint, he wants to please her. "I am sorry mistress".
 "Hands behind your back, Good boy, and now kiss my toes". She held her little foot out towards him.
 He is hesitating just for a second, and she almost pushes her foot into his face, her voice getting angry. "I said kiss my toes pet, now".
 He grabs her foot to kiss it, but sudeenly he feels a sharp pain, as she slaps him hard making him gasp, she is glaring at him. "I said hands behind you back, you are not allowed to touch you mistress unless you are told to".
 "Sorry mistress, it wont happen again". He studders, a bit shocked, both from the slap and his own reaction to it.
 She holds her toes up again, wriggling them in front of his face. "Now pet, kiss my toes".
 He lovers his head, kissing her toes, over and over, hoping she is happy with him, feeling degraded and turned on at the same time.
 "Good boy, now suck on my toes". She says in a soft voice and he complies, hearing her moan softly.
 After making him repeat on her other foot, she spread her legs. "Now watch pet, you made mistress all wet now".
 He watches as she runs her hand down and starts to play with herself, running her finger through her folds, playing with her swollen clit and pushing her fingers inside her wet pussy.
 Benedict can't help but moan, wanting so much to touch her, feel her, taste her, but no he can't do it unless she tells him to.
 "Uh my little pet wants to taste mistress heavenly juices ?" She purred at him, spreading her legs wider.
 His erection almost painful and his breathing racked. "Yes please mistress, so very much".
 "Then lick my pussy pet, but still no hands". She grabs his hair, pulling his face down to her wet folds, he tries to do his best, but she grinds up against his face.
 As he does his best to lick her, she keeps pressing her pussy against his face, grindin on him, practically using his face to masturbate on, making him feel lower than low.
 "Oh God yes, such a good boy". She moans, and then she is cumming literally splashing her juice over his face.
 He is watching her come down, hoping its his time for release soon, then she smiles at him. "Now you deserves a reward, on you feet pet".
 He gets up, his legs a little wobbly and she grabs his dick hard, stroking it, running her nails up the back. "And because you were a good boy you are allowed to cum".
 It doesn't take long, she is stroking him hard, her other hand playing with his balls, running her nails over his perineum, and he cum hard, almost falling to his knees.
 "Thank you mistress, thank you so much". He is breathing hard, trying to get a hold of himself.
 She is looking at him, then she holds out her hand. "Dirty little boy made a mess on mistress hand, now clean it with you tongue".
 "Please don't make me mistress". He look at the penny seized glob of his own cum on her hand, and his stomach churns.
 She lifts her hand, like she is going to slap him, and he resignedly lovers his head, stiking out his tongue, cleaning her hand.
 "Such a good pet, I think I will keep you and train you even better". She smiles at him, making his heart beat faster, he belongs to her now.

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