Games of fear and love

The second story about Amber, Tom and Ben.. First story is called naugthy games.. This one Will have faul language and hard sex, domination and a bit of fetish.

Ambrosia Grace (Amber) is engaged to Tom Hiddleston and Best friends with Benedict Cumberbatch, They have just finished shooting the next season of Sherlock and now it is time to be happy and plan the wedding.
Tom seemed to have beaten his deamons and his career is back on track, but what happens When Amber get a treatening letter ?
Has Tom done something he shouldn't to make another women Think she has a claim on him ? Is there even a stalker ? Or is it all in Ambers own head ?
And how will Ben handle Missy his new mistress ? Is it a healthy relationship for him ? And is Missy hiding something ?


1. "Of course I trust you Tom"

*Amber POV*
 Amber got the mail on her way inside, appearently Tom wasn't home yet, they had the last day of shooting for the next season of Sherlock and tomorrow was the wrap party.
 They had been living together since his proposals at his premiere and she was looking into selling her house, as Toms was bigger and in a better neighbourhood.
 She flipped through the mail, most of it was for Tom, but there was a big brown envelope with her name on it, it might be from a reltor and she opened it.
 As she pulled out the content she felt like her heart was going to stop, it was picktures of her and Tom together, taken in different situations, on the red carpet and out grocery shopping.
 But what scared her most was the fact that her face had been hacked and slashed in all the pictures, there was written bitch, whore, looser and a number of other degrading words all over her.
 Tom on the other hans was adorned with hearts and words like love, perfection, beautiful and so on.
 Amber looked inside the envelope, there was a note still inside, and she pulled it out unfolding it.

                  Tom is mine you disgusting whore,
                  you are just an easy fuck to him, he
                  doesn't love you, he loves me you
                  stupid cunt.
                  Prepare to die bitch.

 She was still staring at the letter, when she heard Toms keys in the lock and seconds later his voice. "Amber darling, are you home ?"
 "Kitchen Tom, please come in here right now". She felt nauseated and scared, how could anyone hate her that much ?
 Tom came into the kitchen, all smile, but then he saw her face, his voice filled with concern. "What is wrong darling ?"
 "This Tom, this is wrong". She held out the letter and he grabbed it, reading it, his eyes darkening and his jaw clenching up.
 He took out his phone. "This is not okay, I am calling the police right away, then they can deal with who ever did this".
 "Maybe it is just some jealous fangirl who is trying to scare me off Tom". She wasn't sure, but she just didn't want a lot of attention.
 Tom shook his head and pushed in the number. "I actually don't care darling, This is not okay no matter if it's serious or not, and I am not taking any chances".
 She looked at the pictures while he was talking to the police, she knew some of his fans didn't like her, that was expected, but she hadn't expected this level of hate.
 "The police is coming over, they are taking this very serious". Tom came over to put his arms around her, kissing her on the hair.
 She snuggled into him, feeling safe in his arms, he had put the weight he had lost back on, and he looked great. "Did the last day on set go well ?"
 "Yes, it went perfectly and no I am still not going to tell you what my role is". He said winking at her.
 She pouted. "Uhh you are stupid, and Ben is even more stupid, he keeps pretending that he wants to tell me, maybe I should have a little chat with Martin tomorrow at the party".
 "You are welcome to try, but he has been sworn to silence, so it won't get you anywhere". He said with a smirk.
 It was so annoying that they wouldn't tell her anything, like she was a common fan who couldn't keep her mouth shut, but apparently it was a big secret and the internet was running over with all kinds of rumours.
 Ten minutes later the doorbell rang, and Tom went out to open, he came back inside with two men, introducing themselves as inspectors Jansen and McGraw.
 "So this is the letter and the pictures ? Is it okay if we take them with us to check for fingerprints and so on ?" Inspector Jansen asked her.
 Amber nodded handing him the envelope to. "Yes of course, it is not like I want to keep it her to look at".
 "And we will need to get your fingerprints to, so we have them to compare with". Inspector McGraw said, opening his back to take out a fingerprint kit.
 They both got there prints taken and Tom talked some more with the inspectors about being a bit more on the lookout for people behaving strangely.
 "I hate to ask Mr Hiddleston, but we need to know if you have given another women reason to think she has a claim on you ? Like an affair or a one night thing". Inspector Jansen looked at him.
 Toms jaw was set and his voice a bit strained. "No inspector, I love my fiancee very much and wouldn't even consider such a thing".
 "A lot of women on the internet thinks they have a claim on him without even having met him because of his job, so maybe just one of them". Amber said.
 The inspectors nodded, but didn't seem completely convinced. "That is just usually the case, but you will hear from us when we know more, and don't hesitate to call if something happens".
 Tom walked the inspectors out, coming back into the kitchen. "You trust me right ? I promise you I haven't done anything of such sort".
 "Of course I trust you Tom". She kissed him softly, she did trust him, he would never cheat on her, would he ? No she was sure he wouldn't.

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