Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


15. "Please tell him not to, my father is a dangerous man"

 *Aria POV*
 She is looked up in her cell, waiting for her father to collect her and bring her home to their villa in Sicily.
 This was expected, but still she is devastated, she is never going to see Tom again and she is going back to her father now even in disgrace, her life is going to be hell.
 There is a small knock on the door and she hears Mias voice through the door. "Aria are you okay ? I am so sorry, I didn't know she would do that, she was jealous because she wanted Tom".
 "It is not you fault Mia, but can you do me a favour ?" She is not angry with Mia, not even really angry with Sabina, she is the one who has been doing the wrong thing.
 She hopes that through Mia she can at least let Tom know what happened. "Of course Aria, what can I do ?"
 "I am supposed to meet Tom tomorrow at 4 pm in front of the bar, can you go tell him goodbye from me and explain ?" She askes through the door.
 Is he going to be upset ? Will he miss her ? Mias voice is eager. "I promise you I will be there, he needs to know, he will probably come rescuing you".
 "I don't think so, but if he should say something about doing something stupid like that, please tell him not to, my father is a dangerous man". No Tom can't go after her.

 "Hi Aria, long time no se little one". A huge man walks into her cell a couple of hours later.
 It is Tony, he works for her father and she have known him all her life, he was one of the few nice people in her life and she hugs him. "Hi Tony, so he sent you".
 "Yeah, he is busy, and he knows you wont fight me to bad". Tony laughs, but her father is right.
 She pick up her bags and turns toward him. "Guess we better get going then".
 "Come on little one, it is going to be nice having you around, you weren't meant to be locked up in here". Tony holds her around the shoulder, and she knows it is to make sure she doesn't run away.
 In the limo taking them to the helicopter he looks at her. "So you went and found yourself a boyfriend after all or did you really have relations with the devil as the mother superior insisted ?"
 "He is British so dad will probably think him the devil to, but the mother superior is just an old prude, she flipped because he left a few uhh love bites on me". She don't know what else to call it.
 Tony is shaking his head. "I am so sorry little one, but your father is already furious because you are not married, this is going to make him see red, I hope no one knows who your English lover is".
 She sits in silence, would her father hurt Tom if he found out ? Would he even kill him, it would be the first man he had made disappear, her father was a mafia boss and if people got in his way they tend to disappear.
 She wont tell her father Toms identity no matter what, he can hit her or threatened her, but she wont let him hurt Tom.

 When they finally reach her house she is locked up in her room, waiting for her father to have time to talk with her, and she throws herself on the bed and cried.
 A couple of hours later her father entered, he sat down and looked at her. "So you decided to throw away your virtue to some english devil, I am so disappointed in you Aria".
 "Sorry to be a disappointment father, but I didn't throw anything away, I gave it to the man I love". She said sitting up on her bed.
 Her father shook her head. "My daughter is not marrying an Englishman, I am finding you a good Catholic man, hopefully someone will still want you".
 "No father, I don't want to be married, I don't want to be with any other man". The thought made her feel nauseous.
 Her father stood up. "You will, if you don't do as you are told, I will find your lover and I will make you watch as I kill him".
 When her father left she threw herself back down on the bed crying, she had to do it, she wouldn't risk her father finding out who Tom was.

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