Corrupting an angel

Aria Camino has given up on men, all men has ever given her, even the ones in her own family is trouble, she is 22 years old and has desided to become a nun.
Tom Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Rome With his friend Benedict Cumberbatch, They deside to do a little sightseeing before they start shooting..
In a convent church Tom hear an angel sing and he has to see whom the Voice belongs to, his angel is Aria the Girl destined to be a nun.
Can Tom forget his angel ? Will Aria become a nun as planned ? Will she Think Tom the devil, come to test her fait ? And what is it With her familie that have driven her to that choise ? Tom has some speciel preferences sexually, that might scare such an innocent girl.


8. "I am dreaming, I like this dream, even though it is a naughty dream"

 *Tom POV*
 "I am so sorry Aria, it is my fault for forgetting the time, it is just so easy and nice to talk to you". He said apologetic, they where standing outside the convent.
 They had been caught up in their conversation and forgot the time, and now she was locked out from the convent for the night.
 "It is okay Tom, it is my own fault, don't worry, I can just sit here by the door until they unlock it in the morning". She shuddered a little.
 He took of his jacket, putting it around her shoulders. "Oh no Aria, I can't allow you to do that, you are coming with me, and don't worry, I can sleep on the couch".
 "I shouldn't Tom and you shouldn't stay on the couch, I can do that, it is your bed after all". He knew she was coming with him, she just felt she had to object.
 He put his arm around her and waved a taxi over. "I wont take no for an answer".
 She didn't object anymore, but followed him as he had expected, he opened the door for her, getting in behind her.
 As they reached his hotel, he paid the taxi, and then got out, taking her hand, helping her out.
 He was happy that no one seemed to notice them enter the hotel, not that he was embarrassed to be with her, but as Benedict had pointed out, he happened to be in a relationship, pictures of him bringing someone to his hotel would be bad.
 When they got into his suite, she yawned and he realised she was used to go to bed early, and had to be tired.
 "Come here darling". He took her to the bathroom, grabbing a T-shirt from the closet on the way.
 He opened the bathroom door to her and handed her the T-shirt. "Go get ready and change into this, then we get you tucked in".
 She came back out 10 minutes later, and he looked up from his laptop, catching his breath and feeling his dick awaken as he took her in, oh shit he thought, how could she look so sexy and innocent all at once ?
 "Com let's tug you in darling". He went to the bed and pulled the blanket aside for her to get in.
 "Are you sure Tom ? I can take the couch". She looked at him but he just pointed to the bed and she got in.
 He put the blanket around her a little to fast, having a hard time not getting in that bed with her, but he wanted to wait.
 "Good night darling, sleep well". He kissed her gently, and turned of the light in the sleeping area.
 She smiled up at him. "Good night Tom, and thank you for letting me have your bed".
 He went back to his lap top, looking over at her once in a while, it didn't take long before she was sound asleep.
 Tom had just fallen asleep on the couch, when was awakened by Aria whimpering from his bed.
 He got up and walked slowly to the bed, she was tossing around, clearly having a bad dream, he was thinking about waking her, but then she kicked of the blanket, the T-shirt was up around her stomach, showing of white cotton panties, the sight gave him so dirty thoughts he felt ashamed.
 Tom breathed in deeply, then he lay down next to her, gently pulling her into him, whispering sweet nothing in her ear and she slowly relax in his arms.
 He pulled the blanket up around them, and soon he was asleep to, proud of himself for being able to control his urges.

*Aria POV*
 She was having a dream, she was quite sure as she had this dream before, in the beginning it had been some unknown man, but since she met Tom it had been him and this time it was him to.
 He was holding her, they were laying on a bed and it was dark, he was warm and she could feel his hard but comfortable body against her back and feel him breathing on her neck.
 Aria snuggled closer to him, it just felt so nice and so right being there in his arms and as it was a dream it couldn't hurt anyone.
 Her body responded to the feel of him, making her pres even closer to him, this dream was feeling somehow different, but not in a bad way.
 When she let her hand reach back to stroke his strong tight, she heard him stir a little, tightening his grib around her, and she sighed.
 She pushed her ass against him, feeling his erection grow against her, she moaned, oh this was feeling so much better than her usual dream.
 As she felt the warm tingling feeling between her tights getting more pronounced, she couldn't help but grinding her ass against him just a bit, thinking she would have to say at least ten hail Marys for having such a dream.
 Tom groaned, his body stiffening, his voice strained. "Aria darling, what on earth are you doing ?"
 "I am dreaming, I like this dream, even though it is a naughty dream". She shaid with a little chuckle, squeezing his thigh.
 His hand was slowly running up under her T-shirt to cup her breast, his lips caressing her neck. "So you think you are dreaming".
 "Yeah I have had this dream before, just not this intense". She said breathlessly, leaning her head back against him.
 Tom gently rolled her to her back, looking into her eyes. "Darling this is not a dream, you were having a bad dream, so I laid down to hold you".
 "Oh, not a dream ?" She gasped a little, feeling her cheeks flush, she had been rubbing herself against him and touching him like a common whore.
 She felt ashamed that it made her feel like this and even more, that she didn't wanted to stop. "I am so sorry Tom, my behaviour is inexcusable".
 "You have nothing to be sorry about, you wont hear me complaining, only trouble is, I kind of wanted to wait, and now I am pretty sure that I am not capable". His eyes burning into hers.
 She gasped, his words sending a burn through her core, even she knew what he was talking about. "Then don't, I don't care if you are the devil here to test me, I am yours".
 His lips crashed down on hers, his tongue claiming her mouth, making her head swim.

*Tom POV*
 He wasn't that strong or that much of a gentleman, he couldn't say no when she offered up herself like that, no matter how wrong it might be.
 His hand found the hem of the T-shirt, pulling it of her, revealing her breasts, they were larger than he had realised, and fitted perfectly in his hands as he kneaded them gently.
 For someone so innocent, she was quite responsive to his touch, moaning through slightly parted lips, her nipples pressing hard against his palm, begging to be played with.
 His mouth found her nipple, his tongue circling it, flickering over it once in a while, she was tasting so good, he couldn't stop himself, but moved his mouth from her nipple, biting into the soft white skin on her breast.
 She was whimpering but pressing herself up against him, her hands entangled in his hair, pressing his head into her, so he was quite sure she didn't mind it.
 He covered both her breasts with marks, lifting his head to enjoy the sight of the red marks on her pale skin, her head trown back, he moaned dipping his head back down, finding her nipple.
 Starting by sucking hard on it, she was moaning and squirming beneath him then he gently made his teeth grace it, noticing that her noises was still those of delight before giving into his desire biting hard down, hearing her scream out.
 He moved his head to work on her other nipple, repeating the process, as he bit down hard she screamed again, then her voice shaking. "Oh God, don't stop".
 Her words sent jolts of pleasure through him, almost to much to bear, his mouth running over her body, kissing, licking and biting as he went along, not leaving any skin untouched.
 "To much Tom, I can't.. Please stop.. Don't stop.. Oh God". She was almost crying, and he knew she was just to worked up, what she needed was to cum.
 He pulled of her panties, they were soaked, then he slid two fingers into her, making her buck of the bed, already starting to shake slightly. "Oh so wet and wanting, I'll take the pain away now darling".
 The feeling of how tight she was around his fingers once again made him wonder if it would even be possible for him to enter her without hurting her, he would have to be careful and gentle.
 It only took a couple of strokes and she was coming undone, her inside clamping down hard around his fingers, making his head swim thinking about how that would feel on his cock.
 As she started to come down, her body relaxing, he knew this were the best time to try, as she was wet, ready and relaxed.
 He positioned himself, kissing her softly. "You are so beautiful darling, and I want to make you truly mine, but I wont lie, this could hurt quite a bit, so please tell me if it's to much".
 She just nodded, looking up at him, her eyes shining with desire, he breathed in deeply, and pressed himself against her tight opening.
 He was about to give up, when her body surrendered, letting him inside, making her gasp, he held still for a second, giving her time to adjust, before claiming her inch by inch.
 Oh Lord it was almost painful for him and he was happy that he had been working so much on orgasm control or he would have cum right there.
 "Tom please, just get it over with, like a band aid". She was looking up at him, her hands gripping her his shoulders hard.
 He gasped, not sure what to do. "Are you sure darling, I do not want to hurt you".
 She nodded, closing her eyes, and he couldn't help it, his most basic instincts taking over, and he buried himself into her in one hard smooth thrust, making her scream.
 He felt a little bad that it felt so good, he had to keep still, to gather himself and it gave her a moment to adjust to. "Are you okay darling ?"
 She nodded, her hands grabbed his neck, pulling him down to kiss him greedily.
 He started moving slowly, savouring the feel of her, knowing that he definitely wouldn't be making any records for stamina today, this was to intense, already sending his head spinning.
 His hand slid down between them, finding he clitoris, stroking it as he started moving faster, thrusting deeper.
 Of course he would like her to have a good first time, to get something from it, but to be honest, he really wanted her to cum so he could feel her cramp around his cock.
 And he could feel her start moving against him, her breathing getting shallow and he whispered. "Cum for me darling".
 And she responded, gasping his name, thrashing beneath him, her body cramping around him so hard he gasped and then his world turned upside down as he came so hard he thought he might pass out.
 He collapsed, rolling of her as soon as he had caught his breath, not to crush her, pulling her close to his chest. "That was beyond words, thank you Aria, for trusting me with you most precious gift".
 She snuggled into his chest, sighing contently and he stroked her gently, shortly after she was sleeping again.

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